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Project Name:

Equal Rating Innovation Challenge


An Open Innovation Challenge


  1. New and energized community around the topic of connecting the unconnected,
  2. Clear publicly recognition of Mozilla’s leadership around Equal Rating,
  3. Ability for Mozilla to run an open innovation challenge and positive example of open innovation,
  4. Several viable product solutions that provide affordable access to the unconnected.

Alignment With Mozilla Goals



An open innovation challenge is a strong lever to achieve goals including building brand, increasing topic awareness, creating buzz in a community, and having clear tangible outputs to point to like a website, media assets, products, entrepreneur stories.


  1. Positive response via media and social to events and announcements,
  2. participation in aspects of the innovation challenge, not just submissions,
  3. Demo Day success in terms of quality of event, entrepreneurs, public response.


Started May 2016, end estimated Sept 2017. See website for schedule:


  • Valerie
  • Katharina
  • Rosana
  • Lindsay
  • Alex

Internal Stakeholders

Jochai and Chris Riley (domain expertise), Mitchell and Surman (Mozilla mission/org), Mika and Liz (legal), Marshall (privacy), Michele W (marketing comms), George/Rosana (participation tech team)


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Work To Date

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