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Project Name:

Marketing Advisors Group


Understand functional needs and propose a plan Identify audience to work with: Select a group of marketing experts (6-10) Improve/influence decision making thanks to the Marketing Advisors Group


Experiment a New Model of Participation by creating an Advisory board for the Marketing Leadership team. By complementing and super powering the Marketing Leadership team, this group will provide an outside in perspective on our marketing strategies and plans. The OI team wants to unlock value for Mozilla through external ideas & knowledge. Learn from bringing in new & different type of contributors; learn how to create successful relationships with functional teams. Design of processes (& tools if necessary).

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

Invite for participation. Prototype the future.



Successfully create a group of marketing experts. Improve decision making thanks to the Marketing Advisors Group. Set best practice for Open Innovation initiative in Marketing. Members create content (individually and/or collectively) and speak positively about, recommend others to take part.


  • November 7 - kick off (MAM, RA, NMW)
  • November - 1st round of selection / recruitment
  • December - criteria review and 2nd round of selection / recruitment
  • January - onboarding
  • February - 1st session preparation
  • March - 1st session


  • Responsible NMW
  • Accountable & Sponsor MAMuckerman
  • Consulted: Marketing leadership team

Internal Stakeholders

  • Marketing Leadership team. OI


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Work To Date

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