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Open Innovation Strategy


Conducting research on the open innovation landscape, providing case studies and recommendations for Mozilla. Identifying internal opportunities for open innovation and engaging with teams to determine which ones to prototype open innovation efforts with.


We will research the open innovation landscape and the internal opportunities to craft a strategy to add value to the organization through open innovation

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

This feeds directly into Prototyping the Future at the Mozilla-wide level.


Open innovation brings a lot of value for many organizations around the world, Mozilla has an even higher potential due to the mission. This potential has not been tapped into yet.


We will have a strategy for adding value to the organization through open innovation and will have identifies first prototypes to prove value.


We aim to finish the research and have a first idea of what project to work on by mid october. The process will be refined throughout the planning process.


  • Klaus is leading the external research piece.
  • Rina, Patrick and Rosana are working on the internal opportunities and strategy.
  • Innovation team, Firefox team (test pilot).

Internal Stakeholders


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Work To Date

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How to get involved


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