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Technology Trends & Insights


Conducting industry research and analysis, sourcing reports from multiple sources to investigate the technology maturity / complexity and the opportunities for Mozilla that the technology might represent.


We will begin to engage executive leadership on structured discussions of opportunities in new technology sectors.

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

This is a direct dependency for Prototyping the Future at the Mozilla-wide level. This is also a goal of Sean White’s for Q3.


This appears to be the shortest path to driving a decision in 2016 on specific areas. A preferred approach would be an innovation strategy (value add and target market first), but due to time constraints, we’ve taken this approach.


We will seek to engage a number of stakeholders in a round of questions: if we secure their engagement, and are able to drive a Mozilla position on these technologies, we will consider it a success.


We start and finish in September to deliver two reports, one on AR and one on Blockchain.


  • Sean

Internal Stakeholders

CIO, CTO, SVP Strategic Operations, Product leads in Platform and Firefox are the primary stakeholders.


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How to get involved

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