ParticipationSystems/CoCo Tools List

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Functionality Tool(s) currently used at Mozilla FLOSS alternative(s) P11N Systems hosting needs Remarks
Kanban tool Trello WeKan TBD Actively being developed
Call for Paper Google Form OpenCFP TBD Actively being developed
Survey Google Form LimeSurvey TBD Actively being developed, WordPress integration
Newsletter MailChimp Mautic TBD Actively being developed, WordPress integration
SpreadSheet Google Docs EtherSheet TBD Export only in CSV
Documents Comments Google Docs Etherpad Comments TBD We miss
Instant Messaging Telegram Matrix TBD A working IRC bridge exists which will let us stay with IRC, yet avail benefits of matrix
Modern Instant Messaging Telegram MatterMost TBD Already being experimented
Git hosting Github Gitlab TBD
Document collaboration Google Docs Online version of LibreOffice on OwnCloud TBD Currently only one user can make changes at the very same moment, but simultaneous edits from multiple users is going to be implemented by the time of final release to work like in Google.
Surveys Google Forms Coral Project Ask TBD
Social Discussions unknown (maybe Disqus) Coral Project Talk TBD