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This page contains all of the important details for the Reps Portal project.

🌍 Project Information

📎 Summary

Update the Reps Platform to provide an easier and more streamlined tool for the Reps to facilitate their work. Look at opportunities to expand current or upgraded technology to other parts the Mozilla. Before any new work can be prioritized, the current Reps Portal needs a large lift update to continuing operation as is. After that, new work that addresses some known ‘work arounds’ from current technological limitations can start.

This project is part of the larger Participation Systems initiative.

More details will come at the end of Phase 2 - Research.

🗣 Status

As of July 8th 2016

Research Phase underway. Second round of interviews are underway. Directional approach on first batch of deliverables received. ***Note that during the Research Phase, there is a lot of overlap in work with the Volunteer Management project.

Planned work for week July 11th 2016

Complete second round on interviews. Finalize deliverable from research phase.

🚩 Goals

Phase 1 - Initialize ✅ Complete

  1. Project conception
  2. Alignment of resources
  3. Putting the pedal to the metal

Phase 2 - Research ⏳ In Progress

  1. Interview stakeholders to gain an understanding of how Reps is used across Mozilla
    • Identify pain points
    • Identify opportunities for improving the platform
    • Document the current status of its administration, infrastructure and related processes.
  2. Establish Baseline Data

Phase 3 - Implementation

  1. Create project implementation plan
  2. Begin development work

👥 Get Involved

This project is beginning to define and reach out to round 1 stakeholders. If you believe you might be stakeholder and we haven't reached out to you yet, please reach out to Arielle Kilroy.

The definition of a stakeholder is someone:

  • Actively involved in the project.
  • Who’s interests may be positively or negatively affected either by the work of the project or the outputs from the project.
  • Who may exert influence over the project or its deliverables.

Additionally, you can connect with us through Participation Systems communications channels:

📝 Project Management

Key People (RASCI)

Responsible Accountable Support Consulted Informed
Arielle Kilroy George Roter Nemo



Simon Wex

Sean Rich

More TBD





REPS Council



Hannah Kane

Lucy Harris

David Ascher

Smartsheet (Project Plan) Forthcoming

Notes & Meetings Hub