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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions from new people :
    • very quick, who you are, what you do for the project, where you are, why you're here.
  • Vision as expressed in the action plan from the meetup :
    • "The Pathways working group seeks to remove the barriers to contribution so that participation, however it is defined, is beautifully simple."
    • Do we agree with this being the overall vision?
    • Is it specific enough to the work we are doing?
  • Review of the Stated Action Plan from the CBT Meetup :
    • Systems
    • Mentorship
    • Storytelling
    • Motivation
    • New Pathways
  • Get Involved Page plans for 2014 :
    • Q1 minor refresh (Larissa has a proposed design mockup we can discuss)
    • Q2 second phase refresh with whatcanidoformozilla integration and a rotational campaign highlight area
    • Q3 (or?) backend crm/"doorstop" integration proposed
  • Building a 2014 Roadmap
  • Ongoing Meetings and Submeetings
  • Grow update :
    • We need to provide a two minute update on the work of this team
  • Next Steps and actions

Action Items and Notes

  • Things that need to be done :
    • draft roadmap template
    • draft high level pathway building guide
    • think more about next steps for get involved
    • organize a meeting of mentoring folks
  • [ Video of meeting]
  • Notes of meeting