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Meeting Details

  • Time: Thursday, June 12 at 11:15 AM Pacific / 18:15 UTC
  • Video: Larissa Shapiro's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, Phone: Call 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9 and 864586458645 then #, or: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9 and 8645then 8645 then #8645 then #
  • Room: Get to Angela Davis in San Francisco and The Hulk in Mountain View (first floor behind the people team desks)
  • Backchannel: irc://
  • Hashtag for meeting: #mozillapathways


Please feel free to take notes:


I am __________________ @ ________. I got involved by ________________ and my favorite thing about June is _____________________

  • Christie Koehler
  • I am @lizznoonan. I got involved by being a volunteer > intern > contractor > employee on the Brand Engagement team and my favorite thing about June is my birthday/it's my favorite month!
  • Mike Larsson @stenington
  • Chloe Varelidi
  • Lyre
  • Larissa
  • chaasof

Chloe Vareldi will present her amazing Pathway finding tool!

Discover is a tool prototype that connects Open Badges to your interests, education, experiences and personality traits. Combined, these paint a picture of the skills you have -- and where you need to grow -- to apply for your dream job, volunteer position or learning opportunity.

  • initially design to help young people explore possible career paths
  • interviewed people working in different industries, created a directory
  • pathways in real-life aren't linear; more like puzzle pieces
  • discovered that telling your personal pathway story is rewarding, both for the storyteller and for audience
  • badges are core vs not-core?
  • Can we include badges from anyplace from the open badges world?
  • planned to have the discovery connected to directory of badges of issuers from all over the place
  • what about analytics? would like to have this
  • can we adapt to use to outline and guide people through mozilla contrib pathways?
    • working with 3 contributors to learn about use case
  • stories are important, can we outline what points to collect with getting people's stories? e.g. what's a badge-able moment, etc.

Mentoring to Guiding

  • Full discussion over email here:
  • Can we make an action point about this and broadcast it over the Project Call?
  • Let's set a deadline:
  • What are the next steps for establishing Guides as a thing?
    • ck will start an etherpad and we'll hack on it together
    • will aim to publish by end of june
  • not a new thing, people are already fulfilling this role in some areas of the project. we can identify them and make sure they have the support they need
  • suggested approach: clarify what a guide is, what scope is and id how to support (vs approach as we're changing mentor to guide)
  • there's a specific context for this:
    • We want to define a group of folks who provide support for brand new Mozillians or new contributors, as well as existing ones who want/need a new project. This is not meant to change terminology or scope for existing successful mentoring programs.
  • Action items:
    • team will hack on an etherpad for documentation share and turn that into a blog post defining this project and share out around the project
    • we will then seek out folks who may already be doing guide type work to learn from them
    • eventually, we'll communicate this out broadly and use it on channels such as (but not limited to) the get involved page, in order to help move new contributors forward

Tabled items:

Contributor matching and timely contribution opportunities improvement

  • This is similar to pathways finding tool
  • Skipped this week, we'll come back to it when Jennie is back.

Non-profit partnerships and pathways building (Larissa)

  • Goal: Build NGO and non-profit partnerships that will help us broaden our contribution opportunities.
  • Ask - is anyone else working on partnerships in their area?
    • Lyre - community lead for code for boston (chapter of code for america), also have Mozillians in Tulsa (luke crouch), chattanooga (?)
    • Seems like a great synergy with Teachtheweb team & Maker Party/Mozfest folks.
    • Ben M. from MoFo could be a great point of contact (development/partnerships lead)

Contributor spotlights and "story telling"

  • Opportunity: about:mozilla newsletter, re-vamped get involved page (in development), member of press team is working on documenting contributor stories in interview style
  • How do we triage who to highlight? e.g. how do we identify who justin should interview when (bugzilla ??)
  • Have a separate meeting to figure out process? Yes.
  • Would you like to be involved?
    • Lizz
    • Larissa

Work week update?

  • Working on organizing a joint community building working group meetups this summer. Pathways, recognition and education. Reached out to folks individually. Tell Larissa if you didn't get an invite and want to attend.
  • How to get involved with planning? Put your name here:

Silent updates!

What is one new pathway you have identified recently? Lizz: "Brand Police" - lightweight, entrance pathway that has volunteer contributors reporting old logos, outdated websites, etc. to the creative team +1

Action Items and Notes

  • Action items:
    • CK: edit and post meeting notes
    • CK: start etherpad to brainstorm post about what is a "guide" and how pathways is working to support them
    • Larissa: Organize a meeting with contributor storytelling stakeholders to figure out how to identify and collect stories
    • Jennie will add them here on Friday
  • Video of meeting
  • Notes of meeting