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This is proposed home page of the proposed payments working group. The goal is to make payments better for the web. This is a seperate project from the Marketplace, although the Marketplace payments team might become consumers of the outcomes of this group.


Make payments more secure, easier for developers and users.

Existing APIs

  • mozPay the existing platform API for initiating a payment.
  • SilentSMS a way to authenticate a device using silent SMS.

APIs under Discussion


Payment chooser

Users and developers should not be locked down into just one payment choice. A payment chooser would allow users to chose alternative payment systems when starting off the payment flow.

Trusted UI

Is trusted UI a valued approach? Could we do something more with this UI and expand this to more systems. Currently its only usable by persona and marketplace payments.

Device API

There are discreet and useful APIs that we can create after our experience with the Marketplace. See: for a proposal.


Could the client act as a broker to prevent the passing of personal information?


Can there be an improvement in the transparency of where your personal information is going, how the payment is going to be split up and what happens afterwards in terms of refunds?


Supporting alternative payment systems.

Mailing list

Mailing list:

The mailing list is open to the public.

Weekly meetings