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Our roadmap is as yet fairly indefinite. Part of the reason for that is we want feedback from you, the user community, on just what Eudora features are a priority for you. We will have two feedback releases before we make the first release intended for general use.

Current Status

The latest beta release of Eudora is always available on the Eudora Releases page. If you just want the latest Penelope extension without Eudora, you can get it on the Penelope Extensions page.

The Thunderbird importers for Eudora are rough, especially for MacOS users. It may be worth waiting to try to import your mail until we make more improvements to the importers.

You can view a list of all the bugs and feature requests currently assigned to the Penelope project, in the Bugzilla database. Search in Bugzilla, or use this pre-defined search for Penelope bugs.

Release 0.1

  • Importers for your mail store and contacts
  • Remapping of accelerator keys
  • Basic settings and personalities

We expect this release to provide a bare minimum for Eudora users to feel comfortable, so that they can provide feedback and get involved in development.

The Penelope extension provides new icons and sound files as well as familiar key mapping, icons, toolbar layout and column layout; the most recent version is at Penelope Extensions. The beta version of Eudora 8.0 itself is at Eudora Releases.

See the Documentation Project for documentation on the features in version 0.1.

Release 0.5

  • Filter importing
  • Major UI Elements
  • Unique Eudora message handling operations
  • Importers for multiple personalities
  • Various bug fixes and feature enhancements

We expect this release to be usable by the most adventurous Eudora users.

Release 1.0

  • Stationery
  • Import for all Settings
  • Minor UI elements

We expect this release to be comfortable for the vast majority of Eudora users.

The Future

Once we finish version 1.0, we will divide our attention between bringing over some of the more obscure Eudora features and customizations, and doing new work. We expect to track the Thunderbird roadmap, including calendar integration, and also to bring new ideas and capabilities to both mailers. We will flesh out this section of the roadmap based on user input from earlier in the process.