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Short Description

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Te Co-Facilitation workshop will teach participants powerful facilitation skills and ways of being that can be used for leading a meeting, facilitating a training program, or working more successfully with teams. This style of facilitation empowers the participants to get the most out of the meeting or training because it increases the level of participation, involvement, and learning.

Project Goals

Co-Facilitation 101 will be offered once a year for a maximum of 24 people per program. Completion of LEAD or TRIBE session four is required to participate. This program is a pre-requisite to be considered for TRIBE train the trainer.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Plan an effective meeting or training program
  • Create safe and courageous space
  • Increase participation of everyone in the room
  • Create learning from everything that's happening
  • Find people right
  • Work with resistance
  • Experience the power of leading from their "I Am" Type
  • Adjust their agenda when needed
  • Co-lead in a way that makes their co-facilitator look brilliant
  • Willing to step away from their agenda and deal with whatever is in the room

Participants will walk away feeling:

  • Passionate about co-facilitating
  • Confident about their new co-facilitating skills
  • Capable of conducting a training, meeting or working with teams in ways that energize participants.


2013 Graduates

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Team Profiles

This program is being delivered by some familiar faces.

[Debbie Cohen] - Internal Champion & Facilitator

[Kate Roeske-Zummer] (Facilitator)

[Athena Katsaros] - (Facilitator)