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Meeting started: Sunday September 23th 2012 - 19:10 CEST

Meeting ended: Sunday September 23th 2012 - 20:15 CEST


  • Benoit - Present
  • Mad Maks - Present
  • Madalina - Present
  • Tonnes - Present
  • Ziggy - Present


  • Introduction of those present
  • How many (active) contributors do both communities have and what exactly do they do?
  • To what area do both communities most contribute to?
  • What do both communities need?
  • Summarization of ideas we had at Mozcamp
  • Can we work together to organize events? Like a Firefox Clinic?
  • What is the best way to communicate to each other in the future?

Meeting Notes

  • Dutch community consists of approximately 4 active contributors and some paid staff:
    • Most of them are native Dutch speakers and there is a contributor who also speaks Frisian.
    • The volunteer contributors focus mostly on l10n to Dutch and Frisian.
    • Ton takes also care of SUMO.
  • Belgian community consist of approximately 6 active contributors:
    • Most of them are native French speakers and there is a contributor who also speaks Dutch.
    • They (as a whole) mostly attend events.
  • Dutch community wants to attend more events --> cooperation with the Belgian community.
  • Both communities are having trouble getting the community together.
    • Reason(s): Not enough time / not interested / distance .
  • Regular events could include:
  • Occasional events could include:
    • B2G party
    • ...
  • Advertising events: Facebook might be a good way to advertise the events AND provide metrics to get an idea of the attendees to be expected (note by Benoit: taking into account that only ~40% of the 'Facebook attendees' actually show up).
  • Location for events:
    • Both communities meet halfway, say around the border, for events organized for Mozilla
      • The Hague, Den Bosch (the last is at a distance of 115km from Brussels, 85km from Amsterdam and 210 km from Leeuwarden)
    • Both communities are willing to travel to attend specific events not organized for Mozillakm.
  • Results of Firefox Clinic:
    • Other outcome than expected: people came in not only for support but more to get a glimpse of what we do and how they can help.
    • Not Mozilla specific questions, rather general questions:
      • 'How to take full advantage of a browser'
      • 'What anti-virus software should I use?'
      • 'What is Spyware?'
      • ...
    • Firefox Clinic Brainstorm:
  • Budget can be obtained via the reps program. If not, we might receive some swag from the SUMO team, Madalina said.


  • People aware of what we're doing and are willing to receive chatter:
    • Belgian Mailinglist (includes Benoit and Ziggy) <community-belgium AT>
    • Mad Maks (Tim) <thunderbird-nl AT>
    • Tonnes (Ton) <tonnes.mb AT>
    • Rosana (SUMO) <rardila AT>
    • Madalina (SUMO) <madasan AT>
    • Wim <fryskefirefox AT>
    • Bas Schouten <bschouten AT>
    • Feel free to add yourself here
  • People unaware of what we're doing and might be interested:
    • Ludovic Hirlimann <lhirlimann AT>
    • Otto De Voogd <otto AT>
    • Peter Van der Beken <peterv AT>

Next meeting

No date has been fixed for a next meeting, yet. We will adopt the same strategy to organize the next meeting as we did with this meeting, meaning a Doodle will be put up allowing you to vote on preferred day(s) and timespan(s). All those mentioned in the communication list above will receive updates about general progress and meetings.

We all agreed that VOIP meetings are very useful to get a conversation going. Currently we use Skype for such purposes, but if one has a better alternative: please let us know. We definitely don't mind if you cannot participate in VOIP meetings, and although we can only encourage it, you're obviously always free to request occasional IRC meetings.

Date for next meeting: Wednesday October 31st from 1900 CET --> !!! NO GO !!!


Please submit items to the Etherpad created: .


  • Suggestion: Record next VOIP meeting and publish it for people unable to attend


  • Send out a mail to reveal the existence of this document. - Done 25-09-2012
  • Send out a mail to advertise our goals to the people listed under the second part of the 'Communications' section. - Done 17-10-2012
  • Create a Doodle to set-up a new meeting - Done