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Short Description

LEAD – stands for Leadership Exploration and Development

The goal of the program is for Mozilla to become more scalable with developed bench strength of designated leaders.

  • Enable us to grow and scale through a broad base of people ready to confidently lead the project.
  • Understand the role, responsibilities and impact of designated leadership.
  • Increase critical thinking skills to translate strategy into high-impact action plans.
  • Grow business literacy and understanding of our competitive environment.
  • Develop team leadership skills.
  • Evolve skills to influence and lead change.
  • Cultivate individual leadership presence and a developed understanding of its impact.

Program Profile

The audience is director-level and designated leaders across the Project. They are next tier successors/influencers and select number of contributors. The program consists of Four sessions over seven months, 10 days of training.They will also be asked to do small group work aligned with selected Project objectives.

Project Sessions & Overview

Purpose and Vision
  • Have a vision and communicate it
  • Lead with purpose and passion
  • Choose consciously
  • Take risks
  • don't bother about failure, just have to learn from mistakes
  • keep on doing again and again,success is sure
  • Embrace failure as a key part of your journey
  • Develop and lead from your guiding principles
  • Have faith
  • Lift up your head and see the bigger picture
  • Think strategically
  • Use your intuition to make decisions
  • Think outside the box
  • Know where you are on your Hero’s Journey
  • Commit to being a leader
  • Have a life stance of Outcome-Creating vs. Problem-Reacting
  • Take responsibility for the outcome you create
  • Strike a balance between relationship and task
  • Notice when your lid comes down and lift it
  • Know your saboteur and its tricks
  • Build a culture of accountability (include yourself)
  • Be of service to others
  • Build Community
  • Mentor and be mentored
  • Cultivate allies and ask for help
  • Be transparent
  • Collaborate - Yes, And…
  • Design alliances
  • Foster team play
  • Be curious
  • Practice 3 Levels of Listening
  • Be aware of your reactive tendencies and step out of them
Leadership Presence
  • Be authentic
  • Build self-awareness of your strengths and limitations
  • Be conscious of your impact
  • Hold the room
  • Develop your range
  • Be a good story-teller
  • Stay on type (I Am Type)

Current Status and Further Work

  • We began Lead Cohort one in of 2012 with 18 participants.
  • In of 2012 we kicked off Lead Cohort two with 22 participants.
  • In May 2013 – we began Cohort Three with an additional 21 people beginning their 7 month journey!


There are several resources we use inconjunction with the LEAD program. Below is a list of these resources.

  • The Leadership Circle Profile –
  • Books:
    • HBR: Leadership
    • Pocket Mentor: Thinking Strategically
    • Tribes by Seth Godin
    • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
    • Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess
    • Change Agent Leadership Model – see next page

Team Profiles


Debbie Cohen

At Mozilla, I help us engage the best talent in the world, building a great place to grow and evolve careers, and supporting a culture that will change the world.

If you want to know more, I'm on [linked In]

Mihca Degele

I'm reducing chaos and broadening options no matter where I'm engaging with employees. As the HR Business Partner for Engineering, I'm the one that helps when you have HR questions, want to talk about your career, are experiencing changes on the homefront, or need someone to listen and help you move forward.

I've supported a wide variety of functional teams in my years of HR which requires resourcefulness, flexibility, and maybe a little irreverence. So I'm here if you want to talk about your life and career at Mozilla or if you want to discuss the coolest TED talks. If you can't find me in Mountain View, I'm likely scaling a rock wall or finding zen on my yoga mat.

If you want to know more, I'm on [linked In]


Athena Katsaros delights in working with people who are committed to being champions for creativity, collaboration, and change in their organizations. She has over 10 years experience as a Leadership coach and experience designer. She focuses on cultivating the natural strengths in people and helping them find authentic and fulfilling ways to express their leadership. The aim of her training programs is to inspire attendees and provide the possibility of transformative and lasting change. This makes her a perfect match for Mozilla and the Mozillian way!

Kate Roeske-Zummer is passionate about brining more humanity into the workplace. She has over 10 years experience as a Leadership coach and experience designer and remains passionate that people learn through experience. Kate’s unique style is highly collaborative in every aspect of her work. She finds the right solution for each client so their specific needs are met. Kate specializes in working with teams and individuals to increase their leadership skills, including cultivating emotional intelligence, decisiveness, and strategic thinking. She is delighted to be able to share and transform the Mozilla culture and people.


These individuals were instrumental in supporting the facilitators and holding the space for participants through each of the lead sessions.

  • Dia Bondi (Co-Facilitator: Lead Cohort One - Session two)
  • Dino Anderson (Co-Facilitator: Lead Cohort One - Session two)
  • Anika Briner (Assistant; Lead Cohort Three - Sessions one through four)
  • Emily Chardac (Assistant; Lead Cohort Three - Sessions one through four)