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Story Craft: Making Better Stories

You know good storytellers when you see them - but they are not all the same. What makes them good? How can you use your presence, power, and voice in service of telling your story?

Storytelling is about structure, but its more than that.

  • Your presence in the room holds the container for the conversation.
  • Your ability to listen lets you aim the conversation, avoid wandering, and bring everyone along to the same focal point.
  • Your voice creates engagement and the emotional impact that influences others to action.
  • Your power makes all the difference between dragging everyone through a muddy and rudderless discussion and holding a clear and compelling line for the audience to hear and understand.

Finding Your Storyteller will help you find your own storytelling style. Knowing your style lets you be comfortable and get your point across in a way that people hear and respond. You will also learn how to take control and aim the conversation when it gets uncomfortable in a way that is in service to everyone involved.

Supporting Content and Pre-work

This class is about where you meet storytelling. Together, you and stories combine for impact. Here are a few videos to get you thinking and practicing your journey to fining your storyteller.


Getting ready for your Storyteller TRIBE class? You have 2 things to do BEFORE class.

1. View these videos

2. Come with 4 topics, related to your work/contribution, you could talk about for 5 min each

Additional Resources:

And for later, here's some additional reading reading

Next Up

We'll see you in our Toronto Space for the first iteration of Finding your Storyteller.

When you're done, you can give us feedback and made suggestion on how to make this class more useful to you on a link coming soon.

Next up? Bay Area (likely the SF space) Dec 10th. It's full, but 2014 planning is in the works. Check the main TRIBE Wiki for the sign up.


  • Rich Cox- Applied Improv, Innovation and Design Thinking, Coach and Leadership Communication expert. You can find him on

Future Facilitators:

  • Matej Novak- Copy creator for Mozilla. Works in the Toronto space. Dedicated to telling the right story. He works on "words, words, words". You can find him on the Mozilla Phonebook.
  • Kathryn Meisner- Director Hive, Mozilla Foundation. Toronto based and fully committed to bringing Hive to the next level. Loves facilitating. Bright face. Find her in the Mozilla Phonebook.
  • Michelle Marovich- Lead Recruiter, People Function. SF/MV based. Recruiter turned Million Mozillan empower-er. Find her on the Mozilla Phonebook.
  • Tristan Nitot- Principle Evangelist. Storyteller and slightly famous. True Mozillian. Paris based. Phonebook-able.