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The Firefox performance team focuses on improvements to the Gecko platform and Firefox across desktop and mobile. You can find us on on Matrix and #perf on Slack.

The team:

  • Performance Engineering
    • Patricia Lawless
    • Kim Moir
    • Andrew Creskey
    • Barret Rennie
    • Bas Schouten
    • Benjamin De Kosnik
    • Denis Palmeiro
    • Doug Thayer
    • James Porter
    • Marc Leclair
    • Markus Stange
    • Randell Jesup
    • Sean Feng
    • Tarek Ziade
  • Performance Test Engineering
  • Performance Tools Engineering
  • Product Management: Eric Smyth
  • Program Management: Jean Gong

Measuring & improving Firefox performance



Android Front-end Performance group

The Android Front-end Performance group focus on improvements to performance of the JVM portions of Android applications as opposed to the platform performance group that focuses on platform (i.e. Gecko) performance.