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Philipp has been a member of the Mozilla Calendar Team since 2007. He has contributed to both frontend and backened code and therefore knows his way around the calendar code quite well. To get started with the project, Philipp created the Provider for Google Calendar which allows reading and writing data from and to Google Calendar.

In 2008, Philipp mentored a Google Summer of Code Projects connected to the Calendar Project. Specifically, a project for locale-independent natural Language parsing which should cause Sunbird and Lightning to extract events from a plain text. A second project aimed at making Calendar more accessible (i.e via keyboard or also via screenreaders) fell below the line and was not accepted. Unfortuately, the language parser project ended before the mid-term since the project was a bit larger than the student could handle. Philipp fixed about 190 bugs in 2008.

Starting 2009, Philipp was chosen as Daniel Bölzle's successor as the Calendar project lead.

To contact Philipp, send email to mozilla at kewis dot ch