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Notes and Summary of Places meeting at Firefox 2006 Summit

Attendees and information about the meeting

Five reoccurring themes

1) make improve history/bookmarks (search) smarter

make history smarter, and exposing in different areas improving ranking, search, sorting history views, autocomplete, suggest example: type a single string in location bar, page with url, title, meta, full text index.

and exposing bookmarks in url bar autocomplete, other areas

to investigate: flock search suggest

don't need redo ui

improve ranking

2) tagging and starring history, "I want to mark history as important", "flag history", "light weight way of pinning history"

3) deep bookmarking: meta, state, part of a page, bookmarking rendered dom, full text, location on the page, xpath location, bookmark snippet . bookmark snippet, clipping. may not all be bookmarks, but still on top of places

4) places as platform, we playground for extensions, riff on content types, view it

5) seamless integration with bookmark service providers

List of issues and ideas raised at the summit

1) data loss / corruption (dumping RDF to disk can fail, bookmarks appear to be gone on upgrade) find bug #s (fix)

2) unable to locate bookmarks you "known" you have (better search)

3) no "public" bookmarks, less incentive to name them well (remote integration, tag integration)

4) not knowing that you can organize bookmarks, ending up with a giant list (no action)

5) no tags (tags are coming, imperative)

6) unable to bookmark a particular spot on page (deep bookmarking theme)

7) no/bad search (search theme)

8) making new bookmarks is too much work/clicks (extension, but: also fix ineffiency: add bookmark toolbar button, tag, star as in places, focus on the wrong thing, bug #)

9) no automatic bookmarking (good, extension), (if I type the url many times, it should automatically bookmarks)

10) no standards format for representing (leads to walled gardens), XBEL, "seemless integration with bookmark service providers" bucket

11) bookmarks are designed for a quasi-permanent use case (scratch pad)...expand history, star history, thunder / dietrich please elaborate

12) I want to bookmark things like my bank statement (bookmark things with many steps, and login), deep bookmark bucket

13) visual real estate problems / hard to condense them visually (spotlight?), rethink url bar + search box, todo

14) url widget doesn't tie into bookmarks (smarter search bucket)

15) automatically populated widgets hard to use (we accept extensions)

16) people are unable to shore the state of a page - eg, order confirmation (deep theme)

17) the world just figured out hierarchies (so, don't get rid of folders)

18) sort is not useful, it breaks other previously done sort orders (bug #, we'll fix)

19) categorizations vs need to remember (flag, vs star)

20) some people use search exclusively (expose bm / history in search suggest, url bar, search box, make finding stream lined). bookmarks has to be faster, fewer clicks than google. when you search on google, you are already tagging.

21) remember search tearms when bookmarking, if we have it (extentesion idea), more meta data when bookmarking, use user action to create more meta data

22) some people only use bookmark personal toolbar (we'll keep it), dnd around in the toolbar make it better

23) history is too big to be able to effectively find items (better search)

24) more history meta data (use moz_anno, referrer data, thumb nail)

25) need to have good ranking for searching bookmarks (weighted search, results)

26) people are already confused with url vs search bar (too many text boxes)

27) offer thumb nails for bookmarked sites (extensions)

28) platform approach: spotlight, single search, multiple data type, can surface multiple things (smart search)

29) ability to visualize user trails, history, click stream visualizing (extension bucket)

30) 3 ways of tracking where you've been (session, history, bookmarks), smart search bucket (clarifying distinction in search results), punt / extension?

31) ability to get rid of independent session data (safari safe browsing)

32) ability to group session info into one spot (not sure what this is), group by session (if history has clump of urls in a small persion of time, call it a session)

33) if we have one box for every kind of search, results are overwhelming

34) should need to think about bookmarks vs non bookmarked sites with (smart search, put bm sites into search results)

35) from myk, don't want to get bm results when searching, only history (mutually exclusive), todo: plugins for url bar autocomplete, "for myk, classic mode"

36) sometimes you want to bm the site, and not the url ( (bookmarks the site, extension bucket)

37) bookmarks are useful for storing things that are hard to search for (no action on this one)

38) why no more extension (yes, we will make it ext. friendly)

39) need to work to work extensions devs to come up with good interfaces (yes, we will)

40) extension specific bm, bm only appear when a extension is installed (annotations), mkaply, please follow

41) export / import to different formats