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Places Meeting 2pm 01.04.07

Mano   moof
sspitzer       hey guys.
sspitzer       should we begin?
sayrer copy
dietrich       si
sspitzer       Mano has been on fire lately, perhaps he can update us first?
Mano   Hey all
Mano   So, few updates:
Mano   1. All regression from the places-controller redsign are fixed AFAICT
Mano   2. Also fixed some long-standing issues with the toolbar view for places-bookmark- enabled builds
Mano   3. Lately I was working on the organizer window to make it more like Fx2's bookmarks manager
Mano   As part of that:
Mano   * History is no longer accessible from the organizer window
dietrich       for reference, #1 is bug 359462 and bug 364828, yes?
Mano   * So isn't the horked subscriptions view
Mano   dietrich: the fix for 364828 was backed out, mostly
Mano   in favour of the patch on bug 365171
Mano   Bugs for 1) are the dependencies of bug 359462
Mano   So back to 3)
Mano    * The organizer window now a Fx2-like toolbar
Mano    * Now working on the  "Move Bookmarks" dialog, see bug 365538
Mano   almost done
Mano   We need to figure out ASAP
dietrich       mano: yep, at a minimum we need to move from URIs to using unique bookmark IDs
sspitzer       dietrich:  once we make that, it will allow us to bookmark the same URI twice, right?
dietrich       sspitzer: right
dietrich       Mano: are you in town next week?
dietrich       i'll be down next tues-thurs in mt view
Mano   dietrich: no
dietrich       :(
Mano   dietrich: visa issues
Mano   otherwise i would make the summit, y'know.
dietrich       i've made the schema changes, and started the code changes, but haven't gotten far
dietrich       bug 360133 for reference
Mano   hrm, I'm not cced.
dietrich       i'll make that top priority. the changes will be big, so better sooner than later
sayrer ...perf regressions?
Mano   speaking of perf,
dietrich       sayrer: are you asking about potential regressions from fixing bug 360133?
sayrer no, I'm asking if we ever did anything about the regressions from turning on bookmarks
sayrer (I'm willing to help if there's anything I can do)
Mano   the history sidebar view seems to be very unresponsive
Mano   might be a cocoa-cairo issue though.
sspitzer       sayrer:  do you mean the Ts, Tp, regressions?
dietrich       sayrer: is there a bug #?
sspitzer       firebot 364272
dietrich       ah, ok, not turning on bookmarks
sspitzer       there is also a perf issue with the history sidebar, where searching is slow.  I'm looking for the bug
dietrich       does the tinderbox test use a pre-existing profile?
dietrich       that's hinted at in
dietrich       if so, we could add a places.sqlite file to it and fix both penalties mentioned in that comment,yeah?
sayrer yes, we just need to actually do something
sayrer and then measure
dietrich       we could just take the places.sqlite created by the import in that test. that should provide parity between the 2 history files.
sayrer ok, who will make it happen? :)
sayrer do we need a build guy for that?
dietrich       i'll take it, if no one else has the bandwidth
dietrich       need to talk to rhelmer to see what the deal is w/ the profile the tests use
sayrer ok, so should you take bug 364272 from sspitzer?
sspitzer       (the perf issue I mentioned with searching the sidebar is, I'll spin it off to a new bug)
dietrich       yeah, well i'll take it from :)
sayrer oh yeah. this new bugzilla screen confuses me
sspitzer       sayrer / dietrich:  I'll go log the Tp and Txul regression bugs, per
Mano   please cc me
sspitzer       Mano: will do
*      Mano should reconsider watching places@firefox.bugs
sspitzer       I've got a few things to report, since 12/14 (our last meeting)
sspitzer       1) fixed mozilla/tools/tinderbox-configs/firefox/win32/mozconfig so that the experimental tbox for places is --enable-places-bookmarks, see
sspitzer       1) fixed mozilla/tools/tinderbox-configs/firefox/win32/mozconfig so that the experimental tbox for places is --enable-places-bookmarks, see
sspitzer       1) fixed mozilla/tools/tinderbox-configs/firefox/win32/mozconfig so that the experimental tbox for places is --enable-places-bookmarks, see
sspitzer       (oops, I only did that once)
sspitzer       2) fix for regression bug #364018, cannot drag and drop url from location bar or webpage to bookmark toolbar.
sspitzer       3) fix for bug #364325, History search shows the results in wrong (reverse) sort order.
sspitzer       4) fix for bug #364316, [places] some favicons in the history sidebar and the bookmarks dialog are bigger than 16px by 16px.
Mano   dan is still working on the bookmarks sidebar?
dietrich       thunder: ^^^
dietrich       i have nothing to report, was gone the last 2 weeks :P
dietrich       still working on addbookmark dialog, singleton fix, sync spec
Mano   dietrich: I hope you do rely on the current dialog...
*      Mano does
dietrich       Mano: yes, so far, i've just rearranged the xul in the current places dialog to look like the old bookmarks dialog
dietrich       w/ some re-gluing to get things to work
dietrich       need to fix styles, and also the microsummaries stuff
Mano   dietrich: partial patches are OK to land too at this point
dietrich       Mano: ok, i'll check it in after some more shaping up
Mano   dietrich: otherwise we'll break each other's work quite often I guess.
Mano   joe made some mistakes when writing that dialog
Mano   in particular, the js code seems to try very hard to look like a component
thunder        dietrich: er
thunder        yes
thunder        sorry, I've been slow on that one
Mano   |window| is passed as an argument to the init method
thunder        I just picked it back up this week
dietrich       Mano: yeah, doesn't seem necessary. i can refactor it away :)
dietrich       thunder: do you know if Ts uses a new profile? or a preconfigured profile for testing?
thunder        iirc it's a new profile
thunder        with some modifications
Mano   dietrich: it creates a new profile on each run IIRC
thunder        there is a set of functions in tinderbox that set up the profile
sayrer dietrich: is the sync spec wiki'd anywhere?
dietrich       sayrer: no. i have a bunch of notes that i need to pull together into a spec :)
sayrer ok
sspitzer       ok, meeting over?
sspitzer       I'll post today's up on the wiki
dietrich       ok, thanks sspitzer, bye all