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<thunder> hello!
<thunder> is it that time?
<dietrich> hey
<dietrich> yep!
<thunder> woo
<dietrich> thunder: haven't looked at the patch yet, but looks like seth got to it already
<dietrich> should i wait for another rev?
<thunder> nod
<thunder> I want to resolve a couple more issues seth brought up, then I'll submit another one
<dietrich> alrighty
<thunder> do you have any thoughts on the debug message?
<thunder> item .. 2 on seth's list
<dietrich> +1
<dietrich> we can remove it later
<thunder> ok
<thunder> I <3 the message, but it's useless to non-places people I guess :)
<dietrich> and much existing debug output is meaningless to places :)
<thunder> indeed
<thunder> I had to remove a couple of warnings in my tree, I couldn't read anything
<thunder> hey seth
<sspitzerMsgMe> hi guys, sorry I'm late.
<thunder> no problem
<dietrich> howdy, np
<dietrich> we were just talking about thunder's debug msg
<dietrich> sounds good to me, we can remove later
<thunder> sspitzerMsgMe: ^^^
<dietrich> here's what i've been working on
<dietrich> 1. add-boomarks dialog - got a wip patch on bug 357316
<firebot> dietrich: Bug nor, --, ---,, ASSI, implement Fx2 style "bookmark this page..." dialog on top of places backend
<dietrich> needs a few things still, some style changes, the MRU folders in the menu
<dietrich> 2. singleton problem - bug 360133
<firebot> dietrich: Bug nor, --, Firefox 3 alpha2,, NEW, Bookmarks must be internally uniquely identifiable
<dietrich> i have the schema changes done, and bookmark ids in the query results
<dietrich> i need to implement place uri's for bookmarks (for annotation)
<dietrich> and more event/api changes, for bookmarking same uri multiple times
<dietrich> but i'm shooting for next week to be done w/ that stuff
<thunder> nice
<dietrich> 3. i put some doxygen docs up here:
<thunder> oh, hotness
<dietrich> helped me a lot to dig through stuff that way
<dietrich> 4. QA resources - i pinged timr, and he's having 2 people start to spend dedicated time on places QA soon
<dietrich> alice, to do performance testing
<dietrich> she's rewritten tp and ts
<dietrich> i'm meeting w/ her tomorrow (she's in portland) to talk about it
<dietrich> and tony chung is going to start doing general triage, verification, etc
<dietrich> that's about it
<thunder> good stuff.  on my end I've been working on the bookmarks sidebar, and that led to bug 367386
<firebot> thunder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Complex queries only return visited places
<thunder> I need to hook up the sidebar to the places commands, but other than that it's not looking so bad
<thunder> dietrich: these docs are great
<dietrich> cool, that'll be nice to have the sidebar back :)
<dietrich> thank doxygen ;)
* dietrich wonders how long it would take to doxygenate the whole tree...
<dietrich> someone has to have done it already
<dietrich> maybe that's what xulplanet is a product of...
<thunder> xulplanet looks custom, though
<thunder> so, I'm a little sad that bookmark queries ignore query options
<thunder> is that by design?
<dietrich> thunder: yeah, we need to make bookmark queries much more flexible
<thunder> do they really need to be their own thing?
<dietrich> not necessarily. i just meant querying for bookmarks (regardless of impl)
<thunder> do we have any performance data that says using GetQueryResults and friends is too slow?
<thunder> right
<dietrich> do we have any performance data for ____?
<dietrich> not really
<dietrich> hopefully we'll some w/ the new performance test framework
<thunder> currently if ExecuteQueries sees the 'folder' option is set, it just passes on the query to the bookmarks service
<thunder> it says, for performance reasons, but in the end it has to be coming from the database as well, so how much faster is it, really, I wonder
<dietrich> yeah it's pretty funky. your designs for optimizing that are much appreciated :)
<thunder> and because it does that, many of the uri options don't do anything
<thunder> haha
<thunder> well, it may be that it *is* optimized (for speed)
<thunder> instead of optimized for cleanliness :)
<dietrich> sure, but our requirements for complex queries are only going to grow
<thunder> I agree
<thunder> we need to make things like minVisits=123 work for bookmarks too
<dietrich> one of the top-level items in the prd is "places as platform"
<dietrich> we'll need to catalog these things w/ that feature. querying bookmarks is a p1 use-case, IMHO
<thunder> I sort of think we should do the bookmarks querying in nsNavHistory.cpp like the rest
<thunder> and if we want a specialized public interface, fine, just have the bookmarks interface call the same methods with special options
<thunder> but I'm handwaving the performance question
<dietrich> thunder: yeah, i like that idea also, it might simplify things as well.
<thunder> I think it would too
<dietrich> the performance question shouldn't impede the proper design, nor our requirements.
<thunder> nod
<dietrich> intel will 18ghz processors out by then ;)
<thunder> if speed becomes an issue, we could still do optimizations in nsNavHistory.cpp itself
<thunder> I mean, optimizations that only apply to certain kinds of queries (e.g., bookmark queries)
<dietrich> right
<thunder> in fact, I'd love to see the database stuff encapsulated more
<thunder> we have bits of sql all over the place
<dietrich> do it
<thunder> yeah? you'd like that too?
<thunder> ok, I'll see what I can do
<thunder> I'm not entirely sure it's feasible yet
<dietrich> no joke, now's the time. they're saying it'll be a couple of weeks before the fx3 requirements are solid
<dietrich> so now's the time to make those kinds of changes
<thunder> ok
<dietrich> also: anywhere we see places to simplify or clarify, we should do so, or at least file a bug
<thunder> nod
<dietrich> wrt to turning on bookmarks, i think we're going to shoot for alpha3
<dietrich> i think the freeze for that will be end of february
<thunder> ok
<thunder> sounds doable
<thunder> ok, I have nothing more.
<dietrich> yeah, i think so too. everyone, please think about that wrt to your bugs, and lmk if something is not doable by then.
<thunder> will do
<dietrich> ok, anyone else have status items, questions, etc?
<dietrich> over and out
<thunder> later
<dietrich> thanks all, cya