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[1:57pm] Mano: hrm, meeting?
[1:58pm] v_thunder: yes sir
[2:00pm] v_thunder: anyone else? :)
[2:00pm] Mano: sspitzerMsgMe: ping
[2:00pm] Mano: dietrich: too :)
[2:02pm] sspitzerMsgMe: hey
[2:02pm] sspitzerMsgMe: yes, I'm here, but not updates from me.  I'll just listen, absorb, and post the meeting notes when we're done.
[2:02pm] sspitzerMsgMe: Mano / v_thunder / dietrich:  what's new from you guys?
[2:02pm] sspitzerMsgMe: I know jminta has also been active.
[2:03pm] v_thunder: I did some work on the sidebar, I'll post an updated patch today
[2:03pm] v_thunder: there are a few outstanding issues, the worst one (imo) is that it feels a little flakey to me
[2:04pm] Mano: in what sense?
[2:04pm] v_thunder: e.g., dnd works, but not always, the context menu doesn't work if you right click very soon on startup
[2:04pm] Mano: you're using the places context menu, right?
[2:04pm] v_thunder: yes
[2:04pm] Mano: file bugs :)
[2:05pm] v_thunder: ok :)
[2:05pm] Mano: we've bigger issues right now, for both sidebars
[2:05pm] v_thunder: like what?
[2:05pm] Mano: view-invalidating and search performance
[2:08pm] v_thunder: nod
[2:09pm] v_thunder: other than the sidebar, I haven't done anything else
[2:09pm] v_thunder: I took a bug from dietrich about the addd bookmarks dialog
[2:09pm] v_thunder: that's it
[2:10pm] v_thunder: dietrich can't make the meeting, btw.  he just pinged me
[2:10pm] Mano: as for me,
[2:10pm] sayrer left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:11pm] Mano: * bug 367187
[2:11pm] firebot: Mano: Bug nor, P2, Firefox 3 alpha2,, RESO FIXED, Places context menu fx2-parity
[2:12pm] Mano: this also fixed the (pretty-busted) context-menu for multiple-item selection
[2:12pm] Mano: * Fixed some bugs wrt. "Bookmark All Tabs".
[2:13pm] Mano: * bug 367035, waiting for review
[2:13pm] firebot: Mano: Bug nor, P2, Firefox 3 alpha2,, ASSI, No "Bookmark This Tab" and "Bookmark All Tabs" menuitms in the tabbar context menu
[2:13pm] Mano: that's it, I think.
[2:14pm] v_thunder: cool
[2:15pm] Mano: hrm, also
[2:16pm] Mano: * bug 342381, waiting for review as well.
[2:16pm] firebot: Mano: Bug nor, P2, Firefox 3 alpha2,, ASSI, Copying a live bookmark should put the livemark/feedURI on the clipboard
[2:16pm] sspitzerMsgMe: Mano, sorry for the delay on the review.
[2:17pm] Mano: sspitzerMsgMe, np.
[2:17pm] Mano: I don't have any places bugs on my plate right now
[2:18pm] Mano: (I prolly do, but mostly stuff that depends on dietrich's work)
[2:19pm] Mano: i.e. new bookmark ui and the broken search bar.
[2:20pm] v_thunder: new bookmark ui?
[2:20pm] v_thunder: I have bug 357316 now
[2:20pm] v_thunder: you mean that?
[2:21pm] firebot: v_thunder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, implement Fx2 style "bookmark this page..." dialog on top of places backend
[2:21pm] Mano: bug 365102
[2:21pm] firebot: Mano: Bug nor, --, Firefox 3 alpha2,, ASSI, Implement File->New Bookmark in Places Organizer
[2:21pm] sayrer joined the chat room.
[2:21pm] Mano: also applies to the context menu
[2:22pm] v_thunder: aha
[2:28pm] v_thunder: btw, I'd like to move some code from history-panel.js to a new file shared by both sidebars
[2:28pm] v_thunder: or maybe into util? but it's sidebar-specific
[2:28pm] Mano: what's it?
[2:29pm] v_thunder: a couple of functions to open urls
[2:29pm] v_thunder: the handler for clicks
[2:29pm] Mano: these are in untils already
[2:29pm] v_thunder: !
[2:29pm] Mano: i guess that's the where-did-i-click code?
[2:30pm] v_thunder:
[2:30pm] Mano: lovely
[2:30pm] v_thunder: in my tree I moved that to sidebarUtils.js and I'm using it for bookmarks
[2:31pm] v_thunder: clearly we should all use what's in utils.js if that will work
[2:31pm] Mano: fine.
[2:31pm] Mano: btw, you could use cvsdo for you patches
[2:31pm] v_thunder: yeah, dietrich clued me in :)
[2:31pm] v_thunder: thanks
[2:31pm] Mano: well, handleHistoryClick is a bit more than opening a url.
[2:31pm] v_thunder: yes
[2:32pm] v_thunder: it's exactly the same for bookmarks, is my point, except for the reference to the global variable
[2:32pm] Mano: which global var?
[2:32pm] v_thunder: gHistoryTree
[2:32pm] Mano: oh, i see.
[2:32pm] Mano: just pass it
[2:32pm] Mano: handleTreeClick(aTree)
[2:32pm] v_thunder: I just made a sidebarInit
[2:33pm] v_thunder: that takes the elements
[2:33pm] v_thunder: and sets gSidebarTree, etc
[2:33pm] v_thunder: seems to work ok
[2:33pm] v_thunder: I could also pass it to the handler, yeah
[2:33pm] v_thunder: anyway
[2:33pm] v_thunder: it sounds like it's ok to consolidate
[2:34pm] v_thunder: I just wanted to make sure they didn't need to be separate
[2:34pm] Mano: just make sure the default configuration still works
[2:35pm] Mano: (places w/o bookmarks)
[2:35pm] v_thunder: right
[2:35pm] v_thunder: does anyone include history-panel.js directly?
[2:35pm] v_thunder: other than the sidebar itself, I mean
[2:36pm] Mano: nor AFAICT.
[2:36pm] v_thunder: lxr says ...
[2:36pm] v_thunder: (waiting)
[2:36pm] v_thunder: lxr says no
[2:41pm] v_thunder: ok, I've no more issues/questions/status
[2:45pm] sspitzerMsgMe: hey v_thunder, perhaps you can get mano to finish the review that I started?
[2:45pm] sspitzerMsgMe: or, did dietrich already do that?
[2:46pm] Mano: which review is that?
[2:48pm] v_thunder: oh, yeah
[2:48pm] v_thunder: I forgot about that
[2:48pm] v_thunder: bug 367386
[2:48pm] firebot: v_thunder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Complex queries only return visited places
[2:48pm] Archaeopteryx left the chat room. (Quit: ende)
[2:49pm] v_thunder: I still have a couple of questions, see my last comment
[2:49pm] v_thunder: ddietrich was ok with the extra log line
[2:49pm] Mano: v_thunder: bump uuid please.
[2:49pm] v_thunder: but didn't comment on anything else
[2:50pm] v_thunder: on the idl?
[2:50pm] Mano: yup
[2:50pm] v_thunder: ok
[2:50pm] Mano: v_thunder: you don't need to do | nsCAutoString commonConditions("");|
[2:50pm] Mano: "" is the default ;)
[2:50pm] v_thunder: yeah, that is already fixed
[2:51pm] Mano: commonConditions.AppendLiteral("hidden <> 1 "); should now be AssignLiteral
[2:51pm] v_thunder: I had hell finding the string api, actually
[2:51pm] Mano: MDC has pretty good documentation for nsStringAPI
[2:51pm] v_thunder: campd directed me to
[2:51pm] v_thunder: yeah
[2:52pm] Mano: s/#ifdef DEBUG/DEBUG_thunder ?
[2:52pm] v_thunder: could be
[2:52pm] v_thunder: or DEBUG_PLACES
[2:52pm] Mano: DEBUG_thunder is defined though :)
[2:52pm] v_thunder: oh?
[2:52pm] Mano: well, depends on your machine configuration
[2:53pm] v_thunder: ah, username gets added automatically?
[2:53pm] Mano: DEBUG_username is defined in debug builds
[2:53pm] v_thunder: nice
[2:53pm] v_thunder: but that debug is generally useful for places debugging, I think
[2:53pm] v_thunder: not just for me
[2:54pm] Mano: one more strings thing
[2:54pm] Mano: aQueryString.Append(NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(QUERYKEY_MIN_VISITS "="));
[2:54pm] Mano: AppendLiteral
[2:55pm] v_thunder: ok.
[2:56pm] Mano: other than that, I will have to look later
[2:56pm] v_thunder: ok
[2:56pm] v_thunder: thanks
[2:57pm] v_thunder: I'll update the patch today so we can refine
[2:57pm] v_thunder: do you guys want to start using r? places@firefox.bugs ?
[2:57pm] v_thunder: instead of specific people
[2:57pm] Mano: no :)
[2:58pm] v_thunder: hm
[2:58pm] sspitzerMsgMe: for now, I'd say do specific people
[2:58pm] v_thunder: ok
[2:58pm] sspitzerMsgMe: I prefer that
[2:58pm] sspitzerMsgMe: (looks like mano does too)
[2:58pm] sayrer: do we have a policy on gluing together sql in C++?
[2:58pm] v_thunder: can I r? from multiple people at the same time?
[2:58pm] Mano: places@firefox.bugs is already busy doing qa
[2:58pm] v_thunder: I basically want any/all of you to review my stuff
[2:58pm] Mano: v_thunder: you can from the edit page.
[2:59pm] Mano: (edit attachment)
[3:00pm] v_thunder: aha, I see it
[3:00pm] v_thunder: ok
[3:00pm] v_thunder: I can do that, then
[3:00pm] Mano: code in toolkit/ also needs unit-tests.
[3:00pm] Mano: which live in browser/ :)
[3:00pm] v_thunder: nod
[3:00pm] v_thunder: ok