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[2:04pm] dietrich: meeting today?
[2:04pm] dietrich: hm, this is in conflict w/ one of the PRD meetings..
[2:05pm] v_thunder: woo
[2:05pm] v_thunder: meet
[2:05pm] v_thunder: there's a prd meeting now?
[2:06pm] dietrich: yeah,the password manager & identity
[2:06pm] dietrich: i'm on the call now
[2:07pm] v_thunder: ah, I'm not in that
[2:07pm] dietrich: maybe lets just do a quick update for folks that are here
[2:07pm] v_thunder: we can postpone if you like
[2:07pm] v_thunder: is tomorrow better?
[2:07pm] dietrich: nah, i'm just attending for kicks
[2:07pm] v_thunder: ok
[2:07pm] dietrich: lurking, as it were
[2:08pm] dietrich: so, ii have the bulk of the backend changes on bug 360133
[2:08pm] firebot: dietrich: Bug nor, --, Firefox 3 alpha2,, ASSI, Bookmarks must be internally uniquely identifiable
[2:08pm] sspitzerMsgMe joined the chat room.
[2:08pm] dietrich: finishing up frontend changes
[2:08pm] v_thunder: I saw, but I haven't had a chance to look at it
[2:08pm] v_thunder: that's great, though
[2:08pm] v_thunder: I'll give it a read soon
[2:08pm] dietrich: the controller/utils/transactions stuff makes the front end changes much easier
[2:09pm] dietrich: yeah, input from y'all is key
[2:09pm] dietrich: overall, the changes are pretty simple: operate on bookmark ID instead of URI
[2:09pm] dietrich: however, it touches just about every bookmark-related api and event
[2:09pm] v_thunder: nod
[2:10pm] dietrich: the front-end changes are pointing out some holes though
[2:10pm] dietrich: like, we need accessors for bookmark properties, etc
[2:12pm] dietrich: so yeah, take a look when you get a chance
[2:13pm] dietrich: apologies in advance sspitzerMsgMe , for having to review that :P
[2:13pm] dietrich: anyone else have updates?
[2:14pm] v_thunder: hmm maybe this is a silly question
[2:14pm] v_thunder: why do you add the bookmark id to the uri in the interfaces
[2:14pm] v_thunder: instead of replacing it?
[2:14pm] dietrich: i replaced it in the apis that it's not needed
[2:15pm] dietrich: in the event stuff, i left the URI, as it makes consumption easy for the listeners
[2:15pm] v_thunder: ah, okay
[2:15pm] dietrich: in some places, it does seem kinda awkward w/ both
[2:16pm] v_thunder: anyway, I'll read it more carefully later
[2:16pm] dietrich: but down in the widgets who are listening for those changes, passing the URI as well allows them to update w/o having to query back for the uri
[2:16pm] dietrich: after looking through that stuff, i almost feel like it'd be more efficient to pass around result nodes, instead of uris or ids
[2:17pm] v_thunder: could be
[2:17pm] dietrich: because there's lots of api bits throughout the system that are basically accessors for specific properties of bookmark or history entries
[2:17pm] dietrich: it'd be overkill in some instances, but it might reduce codesize and complexity in others
[2:18pm] dietrich: not sure yet
[2:19pm] v_thunder: I don't have much to report myself...
[2:19pm] v_thunder: I have a (hopefully) final patch for 367386
[2:19pm] v_thunder: in the bug
[2:19pm] v_thunder: thanks to everyone for the review
[2:19pm] v_thunder: and another hopefully final patch for bug 360029
[2:19pm] firebot: v_thunder: Bug nor, --, Firefox 3 alpha2,, ASSI, Remove Places icon from personal toolbar
[2:19pm] v_thunder: pending review
[2:19pm] dietrich: hehe, you got full coverage on that patch
[2:19pm] v_thunder: yes :)
[2:19pm] dietrich: for 367386
[2:20pm] v_thunder: I'm working on a new patch for bug 362292
[2:20pm] firebot: v_thunder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, [places] implement places-based-bookmarks sidebar
[2:20pm] dietrich: cool
[2:20pm] v_thunder: and I'm going to file a new bug to get cvs commit access soon
[2:21pm] dietrich: any other changes on the sidebar, besides addressing mano's comments?
[2:21pm] v_thunder: yes, I missed a dtd
[2:21pm] v_thunder: not included in the patch
[2:21pm] dietrich: cool, sounds you're close though
[2:21pm] v_thunder: yeah, it's not too far
[2:22pm] v_thunder: dnd doesn't do reordering
[2:22pm] v_thunder: I'm not sure how that is done :)
[2:22pm] dietrich: hm, organizer does it, right?
[2:22pm] v_thunder: not sure - lemme try
[2:23pm] v_thunder: btw, I strongly recommend trying hg
[2:23pm] v_thunder: mercurial
[2:23pm] dietrich: ah, is that the final selection?
[2:23pm] dietrich: i used it once, to pull down the olpc source
[2:24pm] v_thunder: I don't think it's the final selection yet
[2:24pm] v_thunder: but vlad has a good tutorial to get started with it
[2:24pm] v_thunder: for your own use
[2:24pm] dietrich: link? :)
[2:24pm] v_thunder:
[2:24pm] dietrich: thx
[2:25pm] v_thunder: it's really nice, specially with mq
[2:25pm] v_thunder: mq fits really well with the way we work
[2:25pm] dietrich: mq?
[2:26pm] dietrich: martian quotas?
[2:26pm] v_thunder: it lets you keep track of patches you are working on in your tree
[2:26pm] v_thunder: haha
[2:26pm] v_thunder: No.
[2:26pm] v_thunder: mercurial-quilt, I think
[2:26pm] v_thunder: quilt is a patch mgmt system originally written for kernel development iirc
[2:29pm] v_thunder: the places organizer does let you reorder
[2:30pm] v_thunder: though it's buggy and doesn't refresh correctly
[2:30pm] v_thunder: and it doesn't draw the little line when you hover
[2:30pm] v_thunder: (to let you know where it's going to drop it)
[2:30pm] dietrich: hm
[2:31pm] v_thunder: the sidebar lets you drop on containers, but not to reorder
[2:31pm] dietrich: hm, dnd reorder not working for me in the organizer
[2:31pm] v_thunder: no?
[2:31pm] v_thunder: what does it do?
[2:32pm] dietrich: er, nm
[2:32pm] dietrich: i broke it :)
[2:32pm] v_thunder: hehe
[2:32pm] v_thunder: it works for me but shows the dropped bookmark in both places
[2:32pm] v_thunder: as if it needed to repaint
[2:32pm] v_thunder: it looks like it does the right thing in the model
[2:37pm] v_thunder: after these patches I'll need to take some time off places to work on some partner stuff
[2:37pm] v_thunder: just fyi
[2:38pm] dietrich: ok, thanks for the warning :)
[2:41pm] dietrich: ok meeting offically over!
[2:41pm] v_thunder: ok :)