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<Mano> meeting?
<dietrich> yep
<dietrich> hey sspitzerMsgMe, you still in msgme mode? :)
<sspitzerMsgMe> here now for the meeting
<dietrich> is that a not-so-subtle way of asking for massage? ;)
<dietrich> Mano: thanks for reviewing 360133
<dietrich> i added the keyword changes this morning
<Mano> i didn't really review it yet.
<Mano> i will try to do so tonight (as in, after the meeting)
<Mano> today is a reviews day.
<dietrich> ok, thanks :)
<Mano> you had a chance to look into the root item bug?
<dietrich> going to do that this weekend
<dietrich> er, tomorrow (today's not friday!)
<dietrich> started on the toolbar move
<dietrich> which doesn't seem to be a big deal
<Mano> toolbar move?
<dietrich> sorry, bug 370013
<dietrich> making the toolbar folder a child of the bookmarks root
<Mano> ah
<Mano> cool
* v_thunder pokes his head in here
<v_thunder> sorry I'm late
<dietrich> hello sir
* v_thunder bows
<Mano> I checked in the patch for bug 365405 yesterday
<Mano> that bug broke both the bookmarks menu and the (new) history menu
<dietrich> how'd it break them?
<dietrich> i couldn't reproduce the problem in c#1
<Mano> the places menupopup uses a binding, y'know
<Mano> dietrich: probably because you've a homepage set
<Mano> if the menu has been accessed from js the binding was attached 
<dietrich> that i do
<dietrich> ah
<Mano> only the bm menu though
<Mano> history menu was always broken on first open
<Mano> (after i made it use type="places")
<dietrich> so, the tentative date for A3 code-freeze is 3/6
<dietrich> which is really soon :)
<dietrich> i talked to mconnor about criteria for getting bookmarks on places ready
<dietrich> thought that passing the bookmarks and history FFTs would be sufficient
<dietrich> lmk if that sounds ok to everyone
<Mano> from my point of view, all blockers for bug 370099 are real blockers
<Mano> not really gonna happen for a3 imo.
<dietrich> Mano: perf bugs can probably be tackled in later betas
<dietrich> but yeah, it's looking rough for making A3
<Mano> dietrich: depends on what sort of perf bugs you mean
<dietrich> i'm going to run through a FFT for bookmarks and see where we're at
<Mano> i don't want to enable places-bookmarks before rewriting the menu and toolbar bindings
<dietrich> i'll file bugs against failures and add them to 370099
<joey> Mano: i'd be interested in hearing how you want those re-written
<Mano> joey: bug 337868 
<Mano> bug 337855 is for the menu binding
<joey> i poked at that a bit, but needed the bookmark-id stuff to land
<Mano> sure
<Mano> that blocks almost everything right now
<dietrich> v_thunder: are you still on partner build stuff?
<v_thunder> yeah :(
<dietrich> if so, i'm going to steal the add-bookmark dialog back :)
<dietrich> ok
<v_thunder> there was a bit of a fire there recently
<v_thunder> bug 371155
<v_thunder> fun fun fun
<dietrich> :(
<v_thunder> mostly solved now... I'll be back in places later today / tomorrow
<v_thunder> hrm, when I do... what should I be working on? :)
<dietrich> v_thunder: perf bugs, UI-parity, there's a bunch to choose from ;)
<Mano> v_thunder: please steal my search UI bug
<Mano> I'm kinda tired of working on the organizer code myself ;)
<v_thunder> hehe
<v_thunder> ok
<Mano> guideline: #ifdef out the new search features
<Mano> do not remove the code.
<v_thunder> ok