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[2:03pm] dietrich: meeting time?
[2:04pm] dietrich: hey v_thunder, ManoLaptop
[2:05pm] You left the chat by being disconnected from the server.
[2:06pm] You rejoined the room.
[2:06pm] dietrich: eep, sorry, router got reset on me
[2:06pm] v_thunder joined the chat room.
[2:07pm] dietrich: howdy v_thunder 
[2:07pm] v_thunder: hey hey
[2:07pm] v_thunder: how's it going
[2:07pm] dietrich: a-ok. how's partner-build-land?
[2:08pm] v_thunder: great
[2:08pm] v_thunder: I'll send you a postcard
[2:08pm] dietrich: lol
[2:08pm] dietrich: so, seth is out, not sure if mano is around
[2:08pm] dietrich: i'll do a quick update anyways
[2:08pm] v_thunder: I'm sorry I haven't been around to help y'all 
[2:09pm] v_thunder: is all I have to say
[2:09pm] dietrich: 360133 landed, had some regressions, most cleaned up by now (thx mano)
[2:09pm] dietrich: np, sounds like you guys have your hands full
[2:09pm] v_thunder: I saw that.  congrats!
[2:09pm] dietrich: woo
[2:09pm] v_thunder: yeah, we really do
[2:09pm] dietrich: i have most of the toolbar reparenting done (bugs 370013, 370020)
[2:10pm] dietrich: reviewing mano's addbookmark patch today
[2:10pm] dietrich: next going to work on ...
[2:11pm] ManoLaptop: yo
[2:11pm] dietrich: 371076 371077 371798
[2:11pm] ManoLaptop: dietrich: your patch should have updated createroots and friends
[2:12pm] dietrich: ManoLaptop: for 370013?
[2:12pm] ManoLaptop: dietrich: any update on the tree root bug?
[2:12pm] ManoLaptop: dietrich: right
[2:12pm] dietrich: that's one of the bugs i just listed
[2:12pm] dietrich: working on next
[2:12pm] ManoLaptop: cool
[2:13pm] dietrich: ManoLaptop: what change to CreateRoot for 370013?
[2:13pm] ManoLaptop: dietrich: CreateRoots iirc
[2:13pm] dietrich: InitRoots, CreateRoot
[2:13pm] ManoLaptop: it creates the toolbar folder as a root folder
[2:14pm] dietrich: oh, so you mean i should set the parent-child relationship in there?
[2:14pm] philor joined the chat room.
[2:15pm] ManoLaptop: dietrich: does it make sense to have it listed there, at all?
[2:15pm] ManoLaptop: it's no longer a root folder
[2:15pm] dietrich: really, after 370013 and 370020 the BTF isn't a "root" anymore
[2:15pm] dietrich: yes 
[2:15pm] dietrich: er, i mean, yes i agree. no it's not a root.
[2:16pm] ManoLaptop: dietrich: with 370020 it could be a root 
[2:16pm] dietrich: it's "special", regardless
[2:16pm] dietrich: hm, yes, then we'd have one root pointing at another
[2:17pm] ManoLaptop: anyway, shouldn't you simply remove this from InitRoots?
[2:17pm] ManoLaptop: that may have some side-effects, i guess
[2:17pm] dietrich: an alternative to making it a root could be to add a col onto moz_bookmarks folders
[2:19pm] dietrich: ManoLaptop: i'll clear review request and think about how to do this in a clearer way
[2:20pm] ManoLaptop: ok
[2:22pm] dietrich: ManoLaptop, v_thunder: as you probably already know, not going to try to get bookmarks-on-places in A3
[2:23pm] dietrich: we need to finish UI parity, and do some perf work before flipping the switch
[2:23pm] dietrich: and get decent nightly test coverage before getting it in a release
[2:23pm] ManoLaptop: also need to figure out a1->a4 story
[2:23pm] ManoLaptop: a1-3->a4, that is.
[2:23pm] dietrich: i'm going to get w/ QA and see if we can get regular BFT/FFT testing going
[2:25pm] dietrich: ManoLaptop: yes, i'll try to take a look at that
[2:26pm] dietrich: ugh, my connection is sucking
[2:27pm] dietrich: any other updates?
[2:27pm] dietrich: ManoLaptop: adding a bookmark via the context menu isn't working
[2:27pm] dietrich: in your new patch
[2:28pm] dietrich: i think the edit keyword transaction needs to be a child of the createItem transaction, when adding
[2:31pm] dietrich: ok, my connection at the office is being bad today, heading home.
[2:31pm] dietrich: biab