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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities

3.7 Projects

  • bug 523523 folders in the awesomebar (marco)
    • mockup: [1]
    • we need to show containers in the awesomebar
    • impl?: expose place: protocol handler
    • show ancestors of a container for display ("restaurants > japanese > sushi")
    • need to create frecency algo for containers/queries ("visits" to a folder)
    • do we want a common Home breadcrumb wrapping history and bookmarks?
  • bug 523524 awesomebar results in a content page (drew)
    • mockup: [2]
    • security policy: places api in a content page
    • thumbnail service
    • static or liveupdate (static fine for 3.7)
    • no editing, context menu
    • click to open, that is all
    • We want async containers to avoid locking up everything
    • Can split into 2 steps: first step static view with no user interaction, second step allow D&D, edit, etc. For first part we can use the same ideas Curtis is evaluating for RSS, we call content, but not viceversa.
  • bug 524050 breadcrumb trail in awesomebar (mano)
    • show ancestor trail instead of uri
    • optionally click on crumbs to navigate to them
    • see locationbar2 for impl ideas
  • bug 524071 detachable and resizable bookmark dialog (marco)

QA Issues

From last week, the following things had open action items:

Status updates

From last week, the following things had open action items: