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Bookmarks Organizer, i1




1) Since we are making a lot of interface changes, I'm trying out a new platform-based window name. It would be "Bookmarks Finder" on OS X, etc.

2) Items from the previous bookmark organizer's toolbar are now under "Organize"

  • New Bookmark
  • New Folder
  • New Separator
  • Move
  • Properties
  • Rename
  • Delete

3) Clicking on the star in the location bar adds the bookmarks to "All Bookmarks" directly in the root. The bookmark does not appear in the Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu unless the user moves it there.

4) The ability to have folders and saved search folders that are not displayed in the Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu is new. Bookmarks in these folders are accessible through search, but do not appear in primary UI. This is for long term storage.

5) Sync Bookmarks loads UI controls in the list view area of the window, allowing the user to select which providers they would like to synchronize their bookmarks with (like These providers use the Places Sync API

6) The stars in the list view can be toggled: removing a bookmark, or bookmarking a page (if viewing history and the star is not activated)

7) URLs throughout the interface use the same formating as the location bar

8) Live preview of the bookmark, with a throbber in the lower right hand corner to show feedback