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Text entered into the location bar may be used to search against several sources of information:

  • URL
  • Page Title
  • Bookmark Title
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Page text (time permitting)

Here are several potential user interfaces for search.

Location Bar: Grey/Black highlighting

  • Favicons on the left visually differentiate sites
  • Bookmark names take the place of page titles
  • Stars at the right side of results list indicate if the page is bookmarked or not, matching the location of the star in the location bar.

Location Bar: Color Background highlighting, new URL formatting

  • The relationship between the user's search and the provided results is displayed by highlighting the matching text.

Search Bar?

  • This doesn't seem like enough information to choose the correct site, especially when choosing pages out of history. Should we essentially build a local search engine and show full pages of results in the content area?
  • Alternate design with stars superimposed over the favicon

Tag Results in the Location Bar (A)

  • If the user selects the tag (in this case "lolcats"), and hits enter, a couple different things could potentially happen:

-The bookmarks sidebar could open displaying every page with that tag (easy)

-The content area could navigate to a generated search results page displaying every page with the tag. Complete with thumbnail images and apple-esque reflections (hard)

Tag Results in the Location Bar (B)

  • Once matched, the tag is listed along with all of the pages that have this particular tag. Pressing down moves through the list, as usual.

I'm pretty sure that in a a lot of cases this isn't going to be enough information for the user to select a page, but it removes the intermediary step.