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Meeting Agenda/Notes for Goal Planning Session: Jun 27, 2007

  • Discuss the process for Q2 goals as we'll continue that process for Q3.
  • Record and discuss the goals for each functional group below.
  • Call for updates/changes.
  • Schedule additional sessions as needed.

Please update the goals for each functional group for Q3 of 2007:

Goals Summary

  • Ship M1 and M2
    • Feature complete (i.e. land remaining features: Malware, Secure wrappers, and Offline)
    • Footprint at or below 1.8 via Talos
  • Layout: Eliminate blockers and regressions to enable M1 and M2 to ship.
  • GFX: Fix all sg:crit bugs (See wiki below for query. Excludes mac specific bugs).
  • GFX: Identify three areas to improve performance/memory and create plan to fix, implement at least one.
  • GFX: Show detailed rendering performance (tRender) comparison to 1.8
  • Mac: < 10 Blockers, with all remaining blocking native forms bugs fixed.
  • Mac: OS X 10.5 test coverage, w/ one developer running 10.5 all the time.
  • Content: Zero sg: blocker bugs (see wiki page for query)
  • Content: "nsDocument::Destroy needs to Die" fixed.



  • Fix all sec-critical bugs, per this query [1] and excluding Mac bugs.
  • Significantly reduce the blockers to enable us to ship M2 this quarter.
  • Identify 3 areas to improve performance or memory usage and create plan for fixing (either for 1.9 or 2)
    • Implement [one of these?] for 1.9 [ compressed image storage, some bugs, and one more thing to find ]
  • Show detailed rendering performance comparison to 1.8. [ Sorta done, blocking on]
  • Printing
    • Restore win32 printing performance (rendering only, not layout) to acceptable (Fx2 or close) levels [Not done, but not at risk.]
  • "advanced" (svg, canvas) graphics performance
    • implement plan to replace or improve pixman

Mac OS X

  • [POSSIBLE, BUT NOT THERE YET] Mac blocker list consistently under 10 blockers.
  • [ON TRACK] Resolve all remaining blocking native forms bugs.
  • [DONE] Formalize and solidify Mac Team communications
    • [DONE] More publicity for Wed meetings.
    • [DONE] Define and practice deliverables for that meeting to effectively communicate Mac status in Gecko 1.9 meetings.
  • [DONE] Support Build team for 10.3 Build Changes (this is ready to land, but we need to get it in).
  • [DONE] Need to be comfortable with 10.5 test coverage.
    • [DONE] Communicate current status and future plans concerning 10.5 testing to QA, coordinate BFT coverage
    • [DONE] Have at least one developer running 10.5 all the time.
  • [DONE] Assess Steven's alternative app shell implementation (our current app shell implementation is not a blocker).


  • Zero content sg: blocker bugs: By this query: [2]
  • Support new Java Plugin Architecture (need input from sun to determine if we can meet this, need them to work with us and hack on this together, and will need their approval that it meets their needs).
  • nsDocumentDestroy needs to die. bug 348156
  • <field> evaluation bug 372769
  • Get rid of script in scrollbar XBL binding bug 384612


  • ES4-related:
    • Complete work on moving refimpl to type closures
    • Implement separate compilation units
    • Integrate finalized proposals into the spec


Build System

Additional Goals