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  • Tuesday - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 19:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S - <script> conference room
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #shiretoko for backchannel

Notices / Schedule

  • Recurring test failures have kept the tree closed; if you can help, join #developers in hunting them down (also: please remember to run tests locally before checking in!)
  • See the security review schedule page to get your review scheduled ASAP!

Firefox 3.1 Update

  • over the last week the following things landed
    • new Clear Recent History function to allow more fine grained history removal
    • new "Forget About this Site" function to completely remove records of a site
    • Clear Private Data UI
  • performance issues being tracked
    • fsync changes (done!)
    • bug 462973 - 50ms increase in Ts 2008-11-02 am, no apparent cause?
    • bug 437829 - APNG throbber chews a lot of CPU on older computers

GFX 1.9.1 Update

  • GFX blocking 1.9.1+
  • GFX wanted 1.9.1+
  • Down to 7 blocking bugs -- 3 font-face (one being support on Linux), 1 mac fonts bug (only a mild blocker), 1 pixman perf win (sse2), 2 imglib bugs. Also one mobile bug that probably isn't a 1.9.1 blocker.

Layout 1.9.1 Update

Content 1.9.1 Update

JS 1.9.1

Entirely focused on remaining JIT fixes.

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

General 1.9.1 Updates


Security Reviews

QA Update

  • Tracking top Blocking beta 2 issues
  • Beta 1 Topcrashes update (ss)
    • Fix for #1 landed in b2. Potential fix for #2, #4, #7, and #8 (maybe #11) landed for b2. Some contrast applies from previous update. Also had a potential fix land for #10 and #15 for b2.
  • Running javascript automation on Global Topsites for leak/crash/asserts (tomcat)
    • A list of 66 dependent bugs found here.
    • Blocking Final Release: bug 463377 - Fatal assertion on topsites (,,, etc) in String_p_match
    • Q. Which 1.9.1/3.1 new areas would you like to see focused leak testing coverage?


  • Test failures are taking a lot of time
    • what can developers do, pre-checkin?
      • run tests, locally, eventually on tryserver
    • what do sheriffs need to do, post-checkin?
      • log all test failures so we can correlate recurrences
    • can TinderboxTLC be updated with better information?
      • yes, see above
  • State of late-compat bugs?
    • bug list with late-compat is very small and seem to be all wontfix/doc issues
    • [1]
    • is that accurate? Are there any other things planned that might break extensions?
  • Next milestone: RC1 or Beta 3?
    • a third beta has been proposed in order to get a full feedback cycle on things like TraceMonkey, Speculative Parsing, Private Browsing UI
    • would contain no new features just changes based on feedback
    • thoughts?