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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.11

    • code freeze tomorrow at 11:59pm
    • only a few blockers left though

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

  • released last week
  • contains lots of great stuff
  • well received so far!

Firefox 3.5 RC1

  • code freeze for RC in late May required to hit June release window
  • while we will aim to make RC1 perfect, previous Firefox releases have needed up to 3 RCs before we're ship-ready
  • goal is to code freeze late in the week of the 18th
    • we'll re-evaluate then based on remaining work to do

Blocker Report

Since 1.9.1 branch ... 2009-05-05-blocker-report.png

Past 2 weeks ... 2009-05-05-blocker-report-detail.png

[ Platform Blocker Queries | Front End Blocker Queries ]


  • slow week due to all hands
  • need to keep pressure and pace up!

The Breakdown

Browser / Front End

  • Blockers: 11 remaining & 5 nominations
    • two tricky things (undo close window fallout, tab drag and drop)
    • big props to Johnath and Dietrich for getting bug 486236 handled (again!)
  • Polish update: Firefox is 55% shiny (+2% over two weeks ago)


GFX 1.9.1 Update

  • 5 blocking bugs
    • 4 of them are image rendering related, either perf or artifacts when zooming
    • 1 is the nsWindow destroy bug, which our bandaid attempt didn't fix

Layout Update

  • Roc is not available today
  • Layout
    • 5 blockers on trunk (3 with patches)
    • 10 untriaged noms (3 fixed)
  • SVG
    • 0 blockers
  • Video/Audio
    • 19 blockers (6 with patches) (could be pruned, should not delay our schedule)

Content Update

Mac OS X Update

JS 1.9.1

23 blockers, around 4 with patches in hand. 5 noms.

General 1.9.1

These are bugs that fall outside of components covered by the Gfx, Content, Layout and JS groups:

Mobile 1.9.1 Update



  • Initial docs with phases and SWAG schedule available.
  • Initial focus will be responsiveness/stability, not security sandboxing
  • We're looking for places where chrome JS currently touches content DOM directly... see post for more details.

jst: "we're going to need to remote arbitrary JS across processes to satisfy out of process plugins, so we may have the necessary machinery in place already"

  • Decisions need to be made about how to approach the network stack (should we switch to chromium's network stack wholesale?), but I don't know the right way to have that conversation/make that decision (it's hard to know whether switching would reduce or extend the total time of the multiple-process work).
    • why? "because the chromium network stack and IPC stack already work well together"
    • but mapping that to existing necko API surface may be difficult

cjones: why do we want to centralize networking in the chrome process? Wouldn't it be better to have the content processes do their own networking? answers include: to avoid the weight of SSL/NSS in each process: to avoid complicating sharing activities for disk cache, cookies, and other shared state. we should evaluate this ourselves.

bent: we probably are going to have to make significant modifications to the Chromium IPC stack, because they use RTTI/exceptions ([pkasting] As a Chromium contributor I can tell you authoritatively that this is untrue; we don't use or enable RTTI/exceptions anywhere in the codebase.)

cjones: We should consider an IPC language, instead of a library, which we can use for typechecking and type safety, including protocol safety (e.g., read() only happens after open() and before close()).

Tree Management

  • Fixed intermittent orange on talos, Tshutdown tests enabled in talos last week, details here
  • infrastructure load for april
  • more machines coming to help deal with wait times
  • long downtime next week for firmware update on equallogic (held off from last week, and from before FF3.5b4).


  • If you worked on a user facing feature, please make sure it is on this list (which will be used to generate the press reviewer's guide, content, etc):
  • Blog funnel starting up: Evangelism/Firefox3.5/35Days - will ask for help/writing