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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.15 / Firefox 3.5.4

  • Firefox 3.0.15: builds started
  • Firefox 3.5.4: need one more fix, then we'll start builds
  • Should reopen branches on Thursday or so for 3.0.16 and 3.5.5

Firefox 3.6b1

  • code freeze was supposed to be last night, now moved to Tuesday Oct 6 at 11:59pm PDT
  • 31 P1 blockers showing as unresolved on 1.9.2
  • all feature landings needed before b1 cutoff are complete:
    • lightweight themes (done)
    • about:support (done)
    • js c types (done)
    • plugin update referrals (done)

Blocker Report

See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

(Progress reports every weekend on Planet Firefox)

  • Firefox 3.6 b1 blockers:

GFX Update

  • 0 beta blockers; 4 1.9.2 blockers
  • Jeff landed a huge QCMS perf win from Steve Snyder in bug 512865. He's got a blog post upcoming.
  • John got a big Mac Ts win from deferred font initialization in bug 517045.
  • Bas Schouten is coming on board, and has already got some great work done on OpenGL accelerated full-screen video. bug 510057
  • Lots of great news w.r.t. Windows 7 features - see Platform-specific features section below.

Layout Update

  • Blockers
    • 4 P1 blockers, all fixed on trunk (still analyzing regression from bug 509693, but can demote it to P2)
    • 24 P2 blockers, at least 3 with patches
    • low nomination rate
  • Landed animation of CSS properties with SMIL/SVG Animation (dholbert)
  • Landed doubly-linked frame lists (bzbarsky/mats)
  • WOFF landed for 3.6 (jfkthame/jdaggett)
  • Getting closer with Ogg decoder rewrite (doublec) --- seeks, plays chained Oggs
  • Depending on how we perform on N900, may need new video/audio goals (or redeploy cpearce/kinetik)

Content Update

  • 1.9.2 beta1
  • Got the JetPack security changes landed (mrbkap)
  • Working on top-crashers

Platform-specific Support Update

  • Win7 sdk rollout complete. (hat tip bhearsum!)
  • Win7 taskbar preview patches (widget/browser) landed on trunk, 1.9.2 last night.
  • Win7 progress patches (widget/browser) have final reviews, still need to land.
  • Win7 jump list widget patch has final reviews, browser patch needs an sr.


  • recursion landed for simple cases

Strange perf hit on a few mac (perf win on windows/linux) talos tests, investigating.

Startup Performance

Highlights from the weekly update post, and work started this week:

  • John Dagget's ~20% cold startup improvement and ~4% warm startup improvement on Mac in bug 517045 landed on branch.
  • Taras Glek’s work on combining the different preference files has landed (bug 507288)
  • Alfred Kayser’s patch to increase throughput of JAR file reading has landed (bug 510844).
  • Ryan landed bug 475289 to lazily initialize the engineMetadataService for an expected 20ms win.
  • Ben Hsieh got some stat() removal landed in bug 510991. He's got even more in bug 511761, just need bsmedberg review.
  • I’m no longer able to reproduce the Windows cold startup regression from 3.5 to 3.6 reported in bug 517741. I turned off SuperFetch, which resulted in more stable numbers, but there was no visible regression, even in builds going back a couple of months. Juan tested on Windows XP and found the same. The current numbers show a 27-30% *improvement* in cold startup time on trunk, and up to 8% on 3.6.

Join us on IRC in #startup.


Nothing to report.


  • Windowless plugins animating correctly (implement NPN_Invalidate*)
    • karlt beginning to design asynchronous painting
  • Remote canvas.drawWindow in final review. Yay!
    • Now we need to get event handling back up to speed
  • NPRuntime in final review
  • bent working on Windows deadlocks

Tree Management

  • We need a quiet time to land split-mochitests so we can iron out inter-test dependencies. Post-beta?
  • Win7 SDK is deployed!
  • Migrating 8 Tiger Talos machines to run Linux / Vista on Try Talos
  • Turning off idle builds. We currently run a full set of builds and tests if nothing on a branch has changed in several hours. This ties up resources required for other branches.
  • 1,774 landings last month, 37% jump over previous recorded highest
    • year to date range: 1,018 to 1,295
    • details here



Four bugs outstanding right now for Firebug.

  • bug 520572 - funky window property js debugger bug
  • bug 500128 - long js files have incorrect line numbers
  • bug 520421 - need regression range
  • bug 515051 - Stream listener registered in a network request channel eats JS error messages