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General Goals

  • Improve product responsiveness.
  • Drive towards process separation.
  • Improve web capabilities.
  • Support Firefox 3.5.1 by driving, implementing, and fixing web platform features that are required.


  • Research multiprocess graphics issues.
    • Support & participate in Mozilla Electrolysis project. (joe)
    • Resolve how to accomplish hardware accelerated graphics in a multiprocess, sandboxed world. (joe)
    • (maybe) Prototype multiprocess hardware acceleration. (joe)
    • Measure and decide how font metrics caches will work in multiprocess (startup time and memory usage) (joe)
  • Continue hardware acceleration work.
    • Continue work on prototype hardware acceleration to extend it to two platforms total. (joe)
    • Above notes for hardware accelerated graphics in multiprocess & sandboxed world.
  • Improve Cairo software rendering performance. Possibly includes: (jrmuizel)
    • stroke_to_path
    • perf improvements for glyph rendering
    • image scaling performance improvements
    • other things that are slow in cairo that people need sped up (suggestions please!)
  • Improve cairo capabilities. (jrmuizel)
    • high quality downscaling
    • develop a plan to resolve image drawing/EXTEND_PAD mess
    • need Source clipping? (would improve efficiency of border-image, see current nsIImage::Extract() hack) (need some numbers...)
    • (not-likely) Supersampling to eliminate curve seams? see bug 466572
  • Font system enhancements (jdaggett)
    • Refine font feature support spec with prototype implementation
    • Implement support for unicode-range descriptor
    • Crude implementation of SVG font support
  • Image decode on demand/draw (bholley)

Win Integration

  • Win7 integration
    • Taskbar tab previews (robarnold)
    • Taskbar jump lists (jimm)
    • Taskbar download progress (sid0)
    • Touch input support improvements (smarter text selection logic, "big pointer" UI improvements, better toggle zoom, flicks events) (felipe)
    • General: make sure win7 integration is complete.
  • Windows integration
    • Improvements to parental controls UI support (blocked content UI support, extension manager UI support).


  • Keep working on CSS WG duties (dbaron, fantasai) [ok]
  • Improve web capabilites.
    • SVG/SMIL complete enough that we enable it by default (dholbert) [ok]
    • Implement SVG/SMIL bug fixes and features (birtles) [ok]
    • Implement SVG images (roc) [no progress, lower priority than other stuff; will miss]
    • Land CSS Transitions (dbaron) [ok]
    • Harfbuzz text backend prototype in tree (jfkthame) Possible security and performance improvements as well [ok]
    • Animation control via compositor, including JS animation API (roc) Performance improvement, front-end assistance [no progress, at risk due to ongoing 1.9.2 blocker fixing, fixing Mac gradient bugs, scrolling optimizations for mobile; will miss]
    • An implementation of SVG pointer-events for HTML (jwatt) [ok]
    • Get some of our tests into the official SVG test suite in a reftest-like format (jwatt) Good for SVG, should help us do better in comparisons [?]
  • Clean up and simplify code.
    • Simplify GTK2 widget code (e.g. remove mozdrawingarea) (karlt) [done]
    • Clean up some block layout code (remove float cache, remove float continuations) (fantasai) [done]
  • Improve responsiveness and performance.
    • CSS rule matching performance improvements (zwol)
  • Improve security.
    • Implement dead-frame exploit mitigation (zwol) [ok]


  • Rapidly resolve any critical issues uncovered by the Firefox 3.5 release (doublec, kinetik, cpearce) [ok, there really haven't been any]
  • Improve performance in some significant way (e.g., be able to drop frames without decoding them) (doublec, kinetik, cpearce) [ok]

Mac OS X

  • Complete 64-bit Mac OS X port that runs on Mac OS X 10.6, bug 468509.
  • Complete NPAPI Cocoa event model implementation, bug 435041.
  • Be prepared for Mac OS X 10.6 on all branches.
    • Notify QA of seed releases.
    • Track any major regressions.


  • Continue implementation of HTML5 parser.
  • Make significant progress on XBL2.
    • [AT RISK] Attachment, detachment, through all three binding mechanisms.
    • [ON TRACK] Initial rendering of the shadow tree.
    • [ON TRACK] Insertion points (<children>).
  • Improve extension security and ease of development
    • [ON TRACK] Design and implement an way for JetPack to safely expose APIs to untrusted code.
    • [ON TRACK] Propose an API to add names to the global namespace from JS extensions.
  • Improve DOM performance.
    • [AT RISK] Evaluate the feasibility of proposals such as IndexOf() redesign (per bz's proposal in and changing DOM node child list storage from array to linked list or maybe B-tree with backpointers from DOM-nodes to B-tree nodes.
    • [ON TRACK] Profile DOM performance problems beyond the JS to C++ bridge.
  • Implement a prototype of multi-process networking.
    • [ON TRACK] Write a test application with a child process that does plain HTTP over IPC through necko in the main process.


  • Address VM perf issues
    • Decrease object allocation overhead
    • Decrease iteration overhead
  • Tracing
    • Increase the number of traced cases (more ops, fewer guards, etc).
    • Turn on chrome jit.
    • Trace recursion.
  • ES5 implementation
    • Implement strict mode
    • Implement Object.defineProperty et al.
    • Add its various other bits to the standard library.
  • Sync with adobe nanojit
    • Change to their CodeAlloc
  • Breakpad omit-frame-pointer
    • Allow building with -fomit-frame-pointer for performance
    • rewrite linux breakpad to handle dwarf cfi


  • [at risk] Complete (and harmonize) accessible exposure of XUL and content based tables and tree grids. (related tracker: bug 491681)
  • [at risk] Improve our text attribute support with respect to the IAccessible2 specification. (related tracker: bug 368895)
  • [on track] Update ARIA attribute support in accordance with browser implementation guide updates. (related tracker: bug 343213)
    • Participate in the ARIA User Agent Implementation Task Force (UAI TF)
  • [on track] Participate in the improvement of user keyboard interaction with HTML 5 media elements.
  • [on track] Investigate improving user experience for heavily updating DHTML applications
    • analysis of what we currently do with a highly mutating dom. (e.g. bug 500240)
    • performance: look at lowering our churn in response to DOM mutation (tree walking, event firing etc)
    • stability and correctness: identify how to make our interrogation of content and layout more sensitive ("safe times").


  • Working Flash plugin in a separate process, on Windows and Linux bug 478976
    • windows plugins [ON TRACK]
    • windowless plugins [AT RISK-need graphics guru]
  • Multiprocess tab milestones
    • Networking [ON TRACK... jduell]
    • Global history [ON TRACK...sdwilsh]
    • link targeting and session history navigation [??]
  • Write a line-item plan and schedule for the remaining pieces of phase 2 [PENDING...bsmedberg]