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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.6.2

Firefox 3.0.19 / Firefox 3.5.9

  • still shipping on our original March 30th schedule

Firefox 3.5.10 / Firefox 3.6.3

  • schedule coming soon
  • need to co-ordinate with bsmedberg to see if it will be the target for OOPP/Lorentz, expecting that to be the case
  • Thanks to some releng work, the bulk of stranded 3.7a1 & 3.7a2 testers have been moved up to to alpha 3. Yesterday we had the following Active Daily User counts running something close next releases
    • 20,024 3.6.3pre
    • 13,696 3.7a3
    • 13,437 3.7a4pre
  • Next alpha scheduled for codefreeze Friday. Known improvements include
    • resizable textareas by default
    • more asynchronous I/O (cookies)
    • faster x86-Linux builds with -fomit-frame-pointer (pending)
    • download progress shown in Windows 7 taskbar

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End

You can always see the state of Firefox projects on our tracking page.

Some recent work:

  • adw's been running preliminary experiments on the potential benefits of using sqlite's full text search extensions to speed up awesomebar queries
  • EM API and UI work now in code review.
  • Felipe's got updated patch + try server builds for his work on supporting multi-touch. bug 508906. He also has a great blog post about writing clearer mochitests when async work is involved. (Props to sdwilsh for the technique).
  • Lookit that! Vlad's got Fennec on an Android
  • Theme work coming on strong. Tab strip is now a toolbar bug 347930, Rob Arnold is getting us closer to a properly functioning glass implementation (see, e.g., bug 450767)

If you want an RSS feed full of Firefox awesomeness like this, check out planet firefox.

GFX Update

  • A bunch of Aero Peek tab preview bugs have landed over the past few weeks, making it much more usable.

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • OpenGL layers backend up and running [Bas]
  • Patches in flight to change PLANAR_YCBCR interface a little, adding a "picture rect" [doublec]
  • Other tweaks to layers API for retained layers [roc]

Layout Update

  • 5% Tp4 win on Windows, due to font refactoring [jfkthame]
  • Looking at IE9 tests to see what we should fix [jwatt, zwol]

Other news:

  • Harfbuzz integration patches up for review [jfkthame]
    • Will enable performance analysis/improvement and new CSS font-variant features
  • replacement of frame property system up for review [roc]
  • New Ogg decoder being updated for review comments [cpearce et al]
  • SVG animation of CSS mapped attributes landed [dholbert]

Content Update

  • CPOW landing in the e10s tree (later today, most likely) (bnewman)
  • evalInSandbox() is getting easier to use safely (mrbkap)

Platform-specific Support Update



  • nsIWebProgressListener reviewed for fennec, will land soon (removes a lot of the Fennec hackery)

Startup Performance

(Dietrich's out this week - startup table is still here. More updates next week)


  • CanSecWest's PwnToOwn contest this week


  • Updated Breakpad snapshot in mozilla-central, picked up Linux/ARM + Linux/x86-64 support - bug 548113 (followup bugs noted there)
  • Soccoro needs to rebuild their minidump processor, so it can understand the new information: bug 554019
  • Then we can switch to DWARF on Linux: bug 554024, bug 554131
  • Then we can enable -fomit-frame-pointer on Linux: bug 554364
  • And enable crash dumping on x86_64 and ARM Linux: bug 554021.
  • I'm still working on the Mac dumper.

Tree Management

  • Still having graph server woes. Help is needed to debug application code!
  • Work on having unittests run on our farm of talos minis is progressing.
    • Working on Leopard. Mostly working on Snow Leopard (some bugs filed)
    • WinXP / Win7 is blocked on changing test packaging format (use .zip instead of .tar.bz2)
    • Several issues on Linux being investigated.
  • More N900's coming online for mobile tests
  • First time doing alpha -> alpha update! Great work by bhearsum
  • bug 513854 landed, hopefully will reduce some tinderbox flake.
  • FF3.7a4: