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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4

  • only two hard blockers left for betaN+
    • need to get those sorted today
    • will do triage after this meeting, don't think there are any betaN+ blockers in there
    • hoping to send go to build tonight and start on QA estimate

Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17

  • Had a meeting about these builds today (see )
  • Decided to go with Option #2 - Ship 3.6.14 build #3 and 3.5.17 build #1 (aka do slightly less than nothing)
  • We'll qualify build #3 today, go to beta tomorrow, and ship it as final on Tuesday, 2011-03-01
    • I'll be updating and messaging this in assorted places

Firefox 3.6.15 and 3.5.18

  • Still holding on the above releases

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox Development

We have 1 hard blocker left.

Who needs help?



  • 2 hardblockers, 0 beta blockers.
  • bug 635044 - Our first GFX blacklist entry.
    • Has been verified in staging; needs to be pushed live.


  • Landed a bunch of memory saving patches.
  • Merge today for remaining beta blockers.


  • 3 hardblockers, all with patches



Tree Management

  • Android Talos on tegras held up over the weekend :-)
    • went from 18 (friday afternoon) to 1 (this morning)
    • bringing rest online as power/space get fixed

Stability Report


  • Skype!