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Notices / Schedule

Blocker Report

Firefox Development


  • Most of the patches which were disapproved for 2.0 but were safe for 2.2 have been landed through merges from the cedar branch.
  • Need to start building goals for Q2 2011, see Platform/2011-Q2-Goals





  • Landed video stats patch



Tree Management

Stability Report

  • Firefox 4
    • Over 17,832,195 million users today, up from 13,885,351 yesterday. Crash rate is showing as 22.28% but needs to be adjusted because we have throttled down to 10% from 100%
    • One of the top issues (both branches) was bug 644125 but Norton pushed out a LiveUpdate so the crash numbers have declined.
    • A few things we are watching


  • Deb is trying to compile a list of things that people have landed or are planning to land in time for Firefox 5. Please send her an email ( if you have something that qualifies, and please include URLs to relevant wiki pages and/or bugs if at all possible. Ping "dria" in IRC if you have questions.
  • On a similar note, please make sure bugs that impact developer documentation are tagged with the "dev-doc-needed" keyword, so that they show up on this list.
  • Rapid Release Updates decision tracking
  • can the RC-ridealongs land at the front-of-the-queue on mozilla-central? rc-ridealongs?