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Notices / Schedule

Firefox Development



  • Benoit Girard landed async drawing for Core Graphics and Core Animation plugins on Mac OS X. (bug 598425)
    • Should provide a big perceived performance improvement when you have plugins on a page.
    • Brings OS X up to platform parity with Windows and Linux.
    • Please look for plugin drawing/performance regressions on OS X!



  • new API for finding the actual fonts used by a chunk of content (after font selection etc) nearly ready to land (jfkthame)
    • If you might want to use such an API, see bug 467669
  • Zzzzz


  • Josh working on moving plugins to content, will allow display:none instances and re-parenting without restarting instances.


  • nothing to add this week.


  • Should have Nick Hurley's standalone network test suite for Linux ready by next week. Will allow for adjusting latency, random packet loss, and "reproducible random" packet loss while replaying a browsing session.
  • Tomorrow (June 8) is IPv6 test day. (It technically begins 6 hours after this meeting, at Midnight GMT.) Test, report bugs!


  • bsmedberg posted to dev.planning regarding plans about extension (and Firefox frontend) compatibility
  • Felipe working on getting a running browser ifdef-ing off non-essential code

Tree Management

  • migration from tp4 --> tp5 (bug 658392 and threads in dev.tree-management, dev.planning).
    • Rollout plan is still being worked out. Need to be careful to avoid increasing load on slaves, or disrupting faster release cadence (FF5.0, FF6.0...).

Stability Report


  • Security bug triage is changing, the responsibility for suggesting security ratings for bugs is being shifted towards developers rather than the security group. (jst)
  • MemShrink effort (initiated by Nicholas Nethercote) starting up on Tuesday next week (6/14) at 1pm pacific. Meeting details TBD. (jst)