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Q3 Goals

  • Realize Android as a top-tier supported platform alongside Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Implement priortized list of features required to support Web Apps (Joint with Product and Apps teams).
  • Ship a new developer tool prototype in a release.

Notices / Schedule

  • The mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora and mozilla-aurora → mozilla-beta source migrations are done
    • Thanks bz!
    • l10n will happen shortly, Axel is handling it
  • We'll be asking for a build off of mozilla-beta once the l10n source migration is done
    • It should be a day or two before the updates are offered to the beta audience
  • mozilla-aurora has nightly automation so a build will be created. bug 669305 tracks turning off the automatic updates until QA gives the go
    • It should be a day or two before the updates are offered to the aurora audience

Firefox Development

  • New fx-team repo is live
    • Gavin's on point for merge management
    • dev-tools repo may integrate there as well
  • Drew waiting on mrbkap feedback for callsite logging of all chrome/content crossover points bug 666713
  • Migration day!



Gregor Wagner picked up a pair of huge MemShrink:P1 wins:

  • bug 656120 (GC more often using a timer)
    • (Background: GC was previously triggered only by allocation, so GCs were not triggered during idle time even if there was lots of garbage.)
    • njn: 'Basically, it fixes the "I left Firefox running overnight and now my machine has locked up" problem.'
    • Reduced idle memory usage by 70-370 MB in some user-reported scenarios
  • bug 666058 (dedicated memory allocator chunks for system objects)
    • (Background: long-lived system objects would be allocated interspersed with other objects in the same 1MB chunks, so those chunks could never be reclaimed.)
    • njn measured a 30% reduction in JS heap size during general browsing
    • 5x improvement in JS heap size after closing all tabs







Tree Management

Stability Report


  • MemShrink meeting today at 1pm! Dialin info in dev-platform.