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General Goals


  • [MISSED] Prototype GPU acceleration for Azure/Skia canvas on mobile
  • [MISSED] Prototype GPU acceleration for Azure/Skia canvas on Windows
    • Determine if this is possible on Windows XP due to context loss etc
  • [MISSED] Have a clean, dependable, extensible, all-platform, free-of-adverse-cache-effects driver blacklisting solution.
  • [MISSED] Enable Azure for content everywhere
    • De-prioritized for OMTC/Layers work
  • [MISSED] OMTC implemented, landed and turned on for Metro product beta
  • [ON TRACK] Turn on GL layers on Linux
  • Other important Q4 work
    • [ON TRACK] OMTC on Direct3D 9, OpenGL on Desktop, basic layers
    • [CARRY OVER] WebGL test suite compliance
    • [CARRY OVER] CSS font spec work
    • [MISSED] Convert drawing code to Azure
    • [DONE] Other B2G and mobile work as necessary


  • [CARRY OVER] Readability 2.0
    • reflow-on-zoom ship/no-ship decision
    • [DONE] mobile fonts APK support
    • [CARRY OVER] mobile fonts licensing
    • [DONE] retina support
  • [CARRY OVER] Complete Graphite Fonts Project (bug 631479)
    • [MISSED] needs final sec-review
  • [DONE] Invalidation via DisplayList Analysis (bug 539356)
    • fix regressions
  • [ON TRACK] CSS Flexbox feature/spec (bug 666041)
    • pref'ed on
  • [ON TRACK] Add image visibility API (bug 689623)
    • r+ and land
  • [CARRY OVER] CSS Vertical Text (bug 145503)
  • [CARRY OVER] CSS Pagination (bug 775628)
  • [ON TRACK] CSS Variables (bug 773296)
  • [ON TRACK] Implement the auto value for the HTML dir attribute (bug 548206)
    • patch needs r+ and landed
  • [CARRY OVER] CSS 2.1 Test Suite v.2
  • [CARRY OVER] CSS Spec, Unprefixing & Testing (bug 775235)
  • [ON TRACK] Scoped Style Sheets (bug 508725)
  • [ON TRACK] SVG Text (bug 655877)
  • [CARRY OVER] Off Main Thread Animations (bug 755084, bug 706179)
  • [MISSED] Layout Azure Conversion (bug 776197
    • de-prioritized for OMTC work
  • [CARRY OVER] Support for Complex Scripts on Mobile


  • [MISSED] WebRTC enabled by default (not behind a pref or config flag) in time for Firefox 20 uplift
  • [DONE] Land media platform decoding functionality for Android's Gingerbread and Honeycomb OSs in mozilla-central. One target device for each OS will be identified and agreed upon by Media and Android to verify functionality. Success criteria: platform decoders running in Firefox will playback videos at a similar performance metric to the videos playing back in the default browser on the same device.
  • [DONE] Demo H.264/MP4 support using Windows Media Foundation on Windows 7 or Windows 8 Metro


  • [DONE] Make new DOM bindings codegen generate stub class for implementers (in a text file or what not).
  • [DONE] New DOM bindings for HTMLElement.
  • [MISSED] new binding for HTMLDocument
    • The work that we planned to do here is done, but an unforeseen issue that came up when implementing, relating to the need for a new proxy for dealing with the goofy behavior of element ids shadowing properties on the prototype, caused us to miss the overall goal.
  • [DONE] new bindings for 10 HTML element classes
  • [DONE] make calling new binding callbacks easy and safe


  • [MISSED] Temporary storage for IndexedDB (bug 785884) (missed due to B2G work taking precedence)
  • [MISSED] Implement unified offline storage quota system, putting IndexedDB and localStorage under this quota system (bug 767944) (depends upon LocalStorage rewrite bugs bug 807021, bug 600307) (missed due to B2G work taking precedence)
  • [DONE] Assist with reducing memory usage and increasing performance of B2G (bug 797189)
  • [DONE] Make B2G v1 a high quality release
  • [DEFERRED] Layout-agnostic DOM key events (useful for games; awaiting cross-browser decision)
  • [DEFERRED] Number form support for desktop
  • [DEFERRED] Develop and submit to W3C a proposal for "fixing appcache"
  • [DEFERRED] Runtime and security model specification for Sysapps WG


  • [CARRY OVER] Incremental sweeping by compartment [bug 790338]
  • [CARRY OVER] Generational GC: get automated safety checks running and green
  • [ON TRACK] Manage memory by zones (to reduce memory usage) [bug 759585]
  • [CARRY OVER] Finish properties/elements split


  • [MISSED] FF OS for users who are blind (land accessfu + TTS on trunk pref'ed on).
  • [MISSED] AccessFu/jsat test coverage.
  • [MISSED] Initial UIA implementation (Narrator support).


  • [CARRY OVER] 736144: Async local storage via blocking pageload
  • [CARRY OVER] 662397: Reorder xul.dll on windows to speed up startup
  • [CARRY OVER] 662444: call exit(0) on shutdown
  • [CARRY OVER] 661881: Bundle about-telemetry extension to ship with Firefox
  • [CARRY OVER] 769241: Make libunwind work on ARM
  • [CARRY OVER] Prevent, to a reasonable extent, background tabs from starving the main thread


This was a productive quarter but we ended up doing a lot of things that aren't on goals here (e.g. rewriting DOM storage [600307], improving Stone Ridge, network resource load prioritization [792438]), and we made great progress on goals we ultimately missed (e.g. DASH). B2G work was much more than we expected, taking up 2.5+ team members for the entire quarter.

  • [MISSED] Resolve all networking basecamp blockers that are marked as blocking before November 1st.
    • This work will be done primarily by Jason Duell, Honza Bambas, and Brian Smith.
    • This just turned out to be way more work than we thought, including new blockers that we took on. This matches the organization-wide trend.
  • [AT RISK] 713933 Enable TLS false start for NPN/SPDY in mozilla-central.
    • Patrick McManus will lead this effort.
    • Code is done, just waiting on reviews which are held up by B2G blocker work.
  • [MISSED] Remove all potentially blocking disk cache API usage in nsHTTPChannel and nsWYCIWYGChannel, on mozilla-central.
    • Nick Hurley and Michal Novotny will lead this effort.
    • Didn't get it done. Nick Hurley moved to other projects.
  • [MISSED] 702122: Have full adaptive DASH for WebM video enabled by default on Aurora.
    • Steve Workman will lead this effort.
    • Didn't make Aurora, but did make mozilla-central.
  • [MISSED] Resolve all networking security bugs that received a designation of sg:moderate or higher more than six weeks ago. This is a permanent goal for the group.
    • No sec-high or sec-criticals unresolved. We're only missing this goal because we have high standards including sec-moderate!
    • One old sec-moderate bug, bug 660749, remains unresolved. Brian Smith was working on the B2G security model instead.



  • [ON TRACK] Resolve all mobile security bugs that received a designation of sg:moderate or higher more than six weeks ago. This is a permanent goal for the group.
  • [ON TRACK] Support shipping ARMv6
  • [ON TRACK] Ship H.264 on ICS & JB [bug 787227]
  • [ON TRACK] Implement support for H.264 on GB on trunk [bug 787228]
  • [ON TRACK] Investigate support for Java addons [bug 799631]
  • [ON TRACK] Determine if we can be competitive with the stock browser on 256Mb devices [bug 792131]
  • [ON TRACK] Ship safe browsing to Beta
  • [ON TRACK] Support shipping fonts in the APK in Beta
  • [ON TRACK] Support shipping to an alternative app store with improved updater
  • [ON TRACK] Make full screen video experience pleasant for the user [bug 800673]


  • QA for shipping ARMv6
  • Media team for H.264 support