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The goals are of course not a complete list of everything we will do in 2013, but they are the key focus points. So if there is a decision to be made between work in support of these goals and other work, please think hard about the trade off and make the best decision you can.

Proposed owners in brackets.

Goals [DRAFT] bug 830744

  1. Enable three application types across the platform: Games (vlad), Multimedia (roc), Social/Location (TBD) - (overall jst) bug 830746
    • Have a high profile games engine company port to HTML5 publicly (vlad)
    • Deliver a carrier network interoperable multimedia chat app (jesup)
    • Drive deep integration of a tier one location platform (dougt)
    Background: We must close the gap on native apps, but we won't be able to boil the ocean in 2013. The idea is to focus on three. All three are important app types for growing our marketplace. Carrier network inter-operability is a potential revenue growth area as well and a feature that will generate interest among carriers in shipping FF Android on their devices. Need to dig a little deeper on how the social/location focus should manifest itself.
  2. Become a market leader in performance (dmandelin) bug 830747
    • Define and deliver against metrics for startup speed, responsiveness, and application feature speed (taras)
    • Create and promote our own compelling benchmarking and compliance story
    Background: We want to take our performance work such as snappy much further in 2013. Its key to giving users a great experience. We are also unsatisfied with most benchmarks and would like to build and promote our own in addition to making key improvements on existing benchmarks that are useful.
  3. Increase product line development velocity & efficiency (jpr) bug 830750
    Ensure web platform technologies are unified across all our products (overholt)
    Reduce core platform fragmentation/technical debt (jet)
    Background: We need to ensure that all our platform features are available in all our products (ie WebAPIs). We also need to pay down some excessive technical debt (ie OMTC for desktop, Azure for content) as we've raced to put out two 1.0 products (fennec native and ffos) over the last year.

Product Support

In addition to targeted platform goals, platform must support our user product deliverables.

  1. FFOS (overholt, milan)
    • Support FFOS as we scale
    • Mobile web compatibility (blassey)
    Background: We must continue to build out platform support for FFOS in key areas such as WebAPI and rendering.
  2. FF Desktop (dmandelin)
    • This is primarily about performance in the platform goals
  3. FF Android (blassey)
    • OEM/Carrier Support
    • Mobile web compatibility
    Background: We want OEMs and carriers to ship FF Android on devices. We will need to move ahead on performance and marketplace support as well as explore the carrier and OEM needs more deeply. We also need to improve through technical means and evangelism compatibility with mobile websites.

Overall Engineering Quality

Generally we should always strive to build a secure, stable, performant, accessible and tested product as a baseline. We should also stick to our development principles which means open development and process as much as possible and interaction with all contributors.

  1. Software Quality (jpr)
    Security (davidb) bug 831294
    Background: We must make quality software as a baseline!