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Need To Know

(Release and system issues that may impact engineering this week.)

Notices/Schedule (sylvestre/lmandel)

Next Merge: August 5, 2024 Next Release: August 6, 2024
Central: 130 Aurora: 54 Beta: 129 Release: 128
  • The next merge date is March 30, just four weeks away. Firefox 37 and 38 releases have been moved up one week to avoid conflicts with holidays.
  • Firefox 38 will be the "spring thing" Firefox release and the next ESR, retiring ESR 31.
  • Dashboard showing tracked bugs for Beta and Aurora:

Upcoming Outages/Upgrades

(System outages/upgrades and tree closures that impact engineering.)

The next Tree Closing Window is scheduled for Saturday, March 14.

MemShrink (njn)

A new Windows-only "address-space" memory reporter (bug 1134030) landed which may help debug Windows graphics and video memory usage. If you have other ideas on how to measure Windows graphics and video memory usage, contact Nicholas Nethercote.

Shumway (tschneidereit)

Shumway made some headlines a couple weeks ago (TechCrunch and CNET) when it was enabled (in the Nightly channel only) for playing Amazon product tour videos. Shumway has now been enabled for playing IMDb trailer videos.

DOM (overholt)

Service Workers (bug 1059784) should land soon. (Famous last words.)

IndexedDB performance work will also land soon: bug 866846 will enable SQLite's WAL journal and bug 1112702 will change transactions to be non-durable. These SQLite options favor performance over durability like Chrome and IE do. They do not increase the risk of database corruption.


(Links to blog posts, books, videos, etc. that you think will be of interest to others.)