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  • No dial-in this week, Vlad and Joe out

Status Updates

  • 30-second update on what you've worked on in the past week and what you're planning on working on this week; more detail should go here in the wiki
    • also anything that you're blocked on
  • Vlad
    • Cairo update, DirectFB bits all landed
    • Working on reviews
  • Joe

  • Jeff
    • Trender crashes were because of flash
    • Some ARM asm bug fixes
    • Started XULRunner perf work
      • no real progress yet
      • going to investigate doing all rendering to a shm image
        • should help. it makes a difference in my test app (22fps vs. 29fps)
      • Haven't been able to get any good profiles yet
      • oprofile needs a new kernel and I think there might be stack unwinding problems...
  • Bobby

  • Rob
    • Going to land glass patch when tree goes green and open
    • Fixing misc. widget bugs still
  • Eric
    • Canvas shadows waiting on review
    • Fix to canvas tests that correct error on Mac 10.4 waiting on review
    • Patches to update tests for shadows and add a mozShadowStyle to canvas nearly ready for review
  • John
    • unified font entry patch landed last week
    • user font set patch should be ready for review on Friday
    • Karl working on Linux support, I'll probably help with that next week