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  • conf ID 217

Status Updates

  • 30-second update on what you've worked on in the past week and what you're planning on working on this week; more detail should go here in the wiki
    • also anything that you're blocked on
  • Vlad
    • Reviews (canvas shadows, CMS optimization)
    • Perf analysis on mobile
  • Joe
    • Finally got Stuart's review on imglib caching (!!!!)
    • Several of my bugs have been checked in, hooray
    • Going to continue on nsIImage-removal
  • Jeff
    • Got oprofile running on my n810 but it doesn't work very well
    • Working on 450400
  • Bobby
  • Rob
    • Aero glass landed
    • Wrote little script to qimport bugzilla patches
    • Looking to add glass effect to ctrl+tab
    • Looking at misc. widget fixes
  • Eric
    • Canvas shadows ready, but have reached quandary over how to handle clipping. there are two options, both with implementations:
      • clipping shadows after offsetting/blurring so all drawing is inside clip (spec defines it this way)
      • shadowing the clipped shapes, ignoring the clip when drawing the actual shadow (makes drawing shadows of clipped shapes a lot easier)
  • John
    • downloadable fonts src url patch for windows posted
    • src local for windows next day or so
    • roc thinks we should implement same site origin restrictions with this patch
    • need to clean up patch, fix assertions and crashes
    • CSS WG meeting tomorrow through Friday