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  • Conference ID 217

Status Updates

  • 30-second update on what you've worked on in the past week and what you're planning on working on this week; more detail should go here in the wiki
    • also anything that you're blocked on
  • Vlad
    • Landing DirectFB code for Mobile this week (really)
    • More Cairo fun:
      • image scaling optimizations, need to evaluate perf
      • SSE2 on win32
  • Joe
    • Summit!
    • Didn't get review on caching patch from Stuart, what else is new
      • Going to briefly enhance patch to use nsExpirationTimer so we release stuff that hasn't been used recently
    • Spent time figuring out what parts of nsThebesImage to keep and which to ditch. Fought the Linux build system for a bit, since it linked against system cairo by default, it seems.
  • Jeff
    • Finally have an n810
    • ARM assembler optimization for pixman (looks like over8888x8888 is about 2.5x faster)
    • more work on image scaling
    • Trender crashes
    • haven't figured out a good way to run other talos tests on n810 yet
    • Built a demo app that shows the n810 can do smooth scrolling and zooming
      • Going to add mouse input to help the UX guys prototype
  • Bobby
    • Updated a bunch of infrastructural issues with the precache patch. Flagged for review by joe again.
    • Working on what will hopefully be the main optimization attempt for the floating point path
    • Investigated forcing O2 on all platforms, not too much of a win but probably worth it anyway. Up for review by vlad
    • talking with eric about testing framework (canvas needs to be CMed)
  • Rob
    • Aero Glass patch apparently does *not* regress transparent window behavior
    • Tracking down a crasher caused by a seemingly harmless reorg of the widget code (XP only)
    • Plan to resume work on cairo-dx9 backend
  • Eric
    • New canvas tests ready, waiting to be landed by Vlad
    • wrote generic 8-bit alpha box blur for thebes for use with canavs shadows
    • Canvas Shadows
      • Working patch exists, but still needs improvements before review
      • Adds shadow support to canvas as per spec, plus a few enhancements
      • Corrects a lot of the platform parity bugs, especially with composite operators