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  • x217


  • No meeting Dec 29 (week after next), Happy Holidays
    • Are people around for a meeting next week?
  • b3 Code Freeze -- Jan 13

Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • memory usage analysis work
    • Canvas 3D spec work
    • blocker (drag & drop crasher)
  • Joe
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • Fought plugins in Fennec some more but couldn't get it to work.
      • Landed a cairo quartz bug fix
      • started looking at the cached image surfaces by Paolo
      • Had a look at windows paint stopping bug.
      • Looked at spans performance improvements. Saw 1.4x improvement.
    • This week:
      • more plugin work.
      • maybe looking at animated image performance.
  • John
    • .otf fonts on windows under review
    • close window crasher fix in