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  • Conference ID 217

Status Updates

  • 30-second update on what you've worked on in the past week and what you're planning on working on this week; more detail should go here in the wiki
    • also anything that you're blocked on
  • Vlad
    • Finishing up border-rendering optimizations; in review
    • Will take cairo update on trunk this week; need to figure out if we want it in 1.9.0.x
    • Review in progress for DirectFB code for Mobile, plan to land this week
  • Joe
    • Sorting out the last bits for the imagelib caching rewrite, should be ready for review RSN
    • Couple of reviews for Vlad
  • Jeff
    • work on optimizing pixman for arm
    • waiting for an n810 to arrive to do more profiling
    • had a look at doing an SSE2 blur
  • Bobby
    • CMS perf work
      • implementing precaching for LUT tables for profiles
      • want to turn on by alpha
  • Rob
    • Waiting on review on border-image, dbaron looking through patch today
    • Aero Glass blocked on bug that roc's fixing/waiting on review on
    • Super secret project
  • Eric
    • Waiting on review on Canvas text bidi (roc/smontagu)
    • Doing canvas cairo->thebes conversion



  • Q3 Goals
    • What specific features do we want to commit to?
      • Downloadable fonts
      • Cairo/Pixman performance boost on win32 + mobile
      • Enable color management by default (eliminate perf penalty)