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  • x217


Status Updates

  • Vlad
  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Sheriffed for freeze day again
      • Pushed a bunch of stuff, but some of it bounced (Rlk again).
    • This week:
      • Resolve my last beta 2 blocker.
      • Resolve Rlk 1.9.1 blocker.
      • Remaining blockers.
  • Jeff
    • More image scaling work
      • prototype box filter mostly done (still a little buggy)
        • shows some performance improvement over bilinear filtering but quality is worse. May get a chance to work on that this week.
      • I want to land some nearest neighbour stuff this week
    • Worked with nokia to resolve x problems (maybe a gcc bug)
    • scanline rasterizer review (hopefully we can land it this week)
    • Currently fixing the cairo quartz backend which was broken on the 1.9 branch
    • Will fix zero sized surfaces for bug 463301
  • John
    • Landed access control support for font downloads [bug 457825]
    • Still working on follow-on patch to deal with user stylesheets [bug 457825]
    • Landed fix for Hebrew crasher on cvs trunk for [bug 436663]
    • Setting up code snippet for Apple related to security crasher [bug 450508]
    • reviewed dbaron's patches for enabling/disabling @font-face rules [bug 457821]
    • this week:
      • finish up user stylesheet patch
      • .otf support on windows
      • mochitest tests for downloadable font access control support