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  • Conference ID 217


  • Check bugs

Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • Cairo summit
      • Good discussion on platform parity (win32 and mac as first-tier)
      • cross-platform buildbot setup, as well as community access build machines for win32 and quartz
        • have approval for these, just need to do provisioning/setup
      • Lots of interest in OpenGL/hw accel
    • This week:
      • (Finally) review Eric's final canvas shadows patch
      • Mobile stuff to get fennec over perf hurdle
      • Misc bugs in
      • Cairo update
  • Joe
    • Cairo summit
      • Lots of discussion and thought on the GL backend. Lots of skepticism, too!
    • Fixed the leaks in my imagelib cache patch after having it bounce out
      • One concern left: 10-20ms hit on OS X Tp (not on any other platforms); no obvious hotspots found in profiling.
      • Memory use win, though.
    • Back to imagelib API changes
  • Jeff
    • Cairo summit
    • Need ssp's review for arm pixman stuff
    • This week:
      • get xshm patch in good shape
  • Bobby
    • (sick!)
  • John
    • Downloadable fonts patch work
      • Added same-site origin restriction with pref to disable
      • Handles redirection but not access controls
      • Working with Akira on testing
    • This week:
      • Set up reftests
      • Bug fixing
    • Follow-on issues:
      • Need to figure out set of fonts that can be checked into tree
      • Access control work once Jonas XHR stuff gets in
      • Font fuzzing, security audit