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  • conf id 217


  • Make sure travel's booked for platform work week

Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • mobile work
    • seneca toronto presentation
    • landed mine and jeff's patches for fennec
    • This week: win32 perf bugs, specifically figuring out how much GDI helps us vs. hurts us, given some pathological performance situations.
  • Joe
    • Got Waterloo co-op stuff nailed down
    • Fixed webcam bug in imglib cache
    • Reviewed bz's patch to fix never-closing-webcam-connection
    • Working on bugs before returning to imglib API
    • All "serious" work on Cairo GL backend will wait until Platform work week.
  • Jeff
    • Worked on rounding of image scaling rewrite
      • Ran into problems with opaque optimization
    • Did some xserver profiling
    • Worked on doing software rendering and then using XPutImage
  • John
    • downloadable fonts
      • cleanup based on review comments
      • need to handle disable/enable of stylesheets
      • initial security review
    • couple of atsui crashers, push Apple(?)