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Status Updates

  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • SIGGRAPH 2009. Gonna write a blog post about the interesting stuff I saw.
    • This week:
      • Tilebrowser+electrolysis work, in full force.
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
    • This week:
  • Bobby - bug 435296 (decode-on-draw)
    • Last week:
      • Back and forth + debugging for bug 507902
      • Generalized {Extract,Get,Copy}CurrentFrame to allow for first frame as well - improves canvas spec compliance
      • Counted locking mechanism for imgContainer
      • Multipart/x-mixed-replace support - imgRequest looks a bit saner now
      • lots and lots of test failure debugging
      • found us a new friend!
    • This week:
      • Finish up and land bug 507902
      • get all tests passing with d-o-d and discarding off (ugh, memory leaks...)
      • get all tests passing with d-o-d and discarding on
      • implement layout-side support to prevent discarding of loaded images
      • play better with the cache
  • Jim
    • Last week:
      • Found a nice way of tracking removed jl items using hashes/prefs, added helper apis to the jumplistitem interface for generating them. (Using NS_SecurityHashURI apis.) Posted the final browser level patch.
      • Split jumplititems up off into three interfaces to better encapsulate code for each.
      • Started looking into a Thunderbird jump list implementation for the next release.
      • Finals reviews/revisions on windows attachment manager changes (rdy to land).
      • Cleaned out reviews request queue.
      • Didn't get to rollup hooks, will try for that this week.
    • This week:
      • Mon (maybe tuesday?) PTO.
      • Bug 491947 - Disable DDE shell integration (jump list related)
      • Thunderbird jl.
      • Have a couple new reviews to do.
      • Need to sync up with Felipe to find out where he's at on all the touch stuff, figure out how much longer he's working and maybe take responsibility for some of the work that's left.
  • Rob
    • Last week:
      • Fixed up the aero peek front end
        • Turns out it's super buggy only on release builds
    • This week:
      • Fixed canvas crash introduced by aero peek work this morning
      • Final Windows 7 SDK is out, needs to test locally and on build machine
      • Refactor backend code to account for bug in the API (can't have a toolbar on tab previews)
      • Bug people for reviews