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  • x217


  • post-1.9.1 planning; will send email out today/tomorrow with info

Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • Last week:
      • Windows CE work (perf work, fixed jit, worked w/jeff to fix pixman asm)
  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Fixed a couple of bugs in imglib: PAC patch bug, UMR/UMW found by valgrind.
      • Fought tests.
      • Tried to run down what is causing the topcrashes since I checked in bug 466586.
      • Met with Vlad & Jeff re: OpenGL, was frightened.
    • This week:
      • Hope against hope to fix crashes from bug 466586 (maybe UMR fix will help?)
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • fought PAC patch somemore
      • pixman asm
      • fennec plugins cleanup
      • have patch to update to cairo trunk
        • regresses tpRSS substantially
        • crashes during tp on win32
    • This week:
      • cairo sync
  • John
    • Last week:
      • local font used after font download fails (bug 479152)
      • windows url bar problem related to font fallback
      • start review of jkew's coretext patch
      • planning for CSS WG meeting
    • This week:
      • finish up with coretext review
      • windows synthetic bold/italic problem
      • more CSS3 Fonts spec edits
      • prep work for CSS WG meeting next week
  • Jim