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Status Updates

  • Vlad
    • Last week:
      • more cleanup on memory reporter stuff
      • final blockers
    • Todo:
      • Clean up X11 software-render patch; figure out slowness
      • Perf testing video code
      • Gonna get pulled off to do some tracemonkey arm work again, they keep breaking it
  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Landed everything in 1.9.1. One regression from my landing, topcrash 471101.
      • Figured I could fix the nominal blocker bug 466586 (ebay image disappearing) without too much work, except somehow my patch leads to corrupted memory and I don't know why.
    • This week:
      • Finish work on bug 466586.
      • Fix bug 473161, new blocker: regressed webcams in bfcache.
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • worked on making cairo trunk buildable on win32 again
      • Fennec plugin work
        • plugins aren't working in fennec because the windows containing the plugin are not visible
        • I'm going to try parenting the plugin in a top level window and see if I can get that working.
    • This week:
      • Fennec plugin work
      • win32 rasterizer porting
      • image scaling work
  • John
    • Last week:
      • final blockers, one left to check in
      • not last blocker, caching of activated downloadable fonts
      • started work on python script for making eot fonts
    • Next:
      • finish eot script
      • test possible workarounds for ATSUI crasher
      • CSS3 font spec edits
      • font fuzzing work